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NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report


NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report

Health Net, LLC, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, is an American health insurance provider. Health Net has collaborated with locals around the state for more than four decades to assist people where they live and work. Health Net and its subsidiaries provide health insurance policies to individuals, families, corporations, and Medicare and Medicaid recipients. As the healthcare business continues to evolve, good advancement tactics for the company must be established. Focusing on the company’s goal and values will aid in the creation of a better strategy to help the organization develop long-term plans. 

Organization’s Mission, Value, and Vision

A mission is not a limited objective but rather an overarching guiding direction. Every mission is accompanied by a vision for the future of the organization. The vision statement helps the company concentrate on future objectives and provides the organization with direction. The purpose of an organization should be a tool for determining firm strategy, establishing the organization’s leadership position, and influencing the attitudes of its stakeholders (Saeidi et al., 2021). As the nonprofit Health Net of California, Blue Cross established Health Net in 1977. A California court decision from 1992 allowed the corporation to switch from nonprofit to for-profit status. The California Wellness Foundation received $300 million in addition to owning 80 percent of Health Net’s parent holding company, as required by the state’s Department of Corporations’ conversion order (Batt, 2021). Health Net and Qualmed created Health Net International in August of 1993. In April 1997, Health Net International and Foundation Health Net Corporation merged to set up Charity Health Solutions. In addition, Structure Health and wellness Units acquired PACC Wellness Tactics and Physicians Health And Wellness Companies in 1997. The organization, referred to as Foundation Health Units transformed its label to Wellness Web, Inc. in Nov 2000. Its stock began providing on the Stock exchange under the “HNT.” In July 2009, UnitedHealth Team purchased a total amount of $510 thousand from Health net’s certified subsidiaries in the northeastern location and their Medicare and Medicaid functions. In November 2009, the attorney general’s office in Connecticut examined a misplaced, unencrypted hard disk containing consumer information services (Health Net Group, About us. n.d.). Health Net provided impacted clients two years of free credit protection from the business Debix.

NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report

The Centene Enterprise specified on July 2, 2015, that it would get Health Net for $6.8 billion. Health And Wellness Web Federal Solutions (HNFS) is now a separate subsidiary of Centene as an outcome of the offer. In 2018, Arizona Health Web merged with various Centene centers to become Arizona Full Wellness services (Health Net Group, About us. n.d.). As of September of this year (2019), Health Net has a new chief executive officer in Brian Ternan. In 2018, Health Net received the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s prestigious Commendable Accreditation (NCQA).

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The business volume concerns Healthnet since they anticipate yearly revenue of $4 billion but have only generated $ 1.8 billion. The company must devise a technique to increase revenue to the anticipated level (Castro, 2022). There are just a few options for boosting company volume: expanding the scope of services, using clever advertising techniques such as web marketing, and offering incentives to employees. Health Net has 5724 employees, a decrease of 2% from the previous year, which is considered the second concern (Zhang, 2021). This should be considered a severe issue, and an increase in staff size and quality should be verified. Health Net’s current expected revenue per employee is $314,600. It must be addressed by providing an appropriate learning system to enhance employees’ abilities. As a result of the pandemic season, all organizations were confronted with some challenges in managing personnel shortages and coverage values. This may be circumvented by demonstrating individualized care for clients via technological advancements and enabling simple accessibility, such as through Telemedicine. Competitor threats may be addressed by bolstering personnel, enhancing customer service efficiency, and applying technological advances in the industry.

NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report

A healthcare organization’s vision may create a bright future for the ever-changing world of healthcare by delivering inexpensive and exceptional services to patients and a supportive work environment that promotes a healthy and pleasant work environment for workers. Health Net aims to provide Quality, Affordable Plans for Every Stage of Life, irrespective of age, income, work position, or health condition. Health Net administers health care programs for private clients, group employers, and public health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Free sign language interpreters and alternate formats for printed materials are only two examples of these organizations’ communication aids and services. Additionally, they offer free language assistance to those whose native language is not English, such as certified interpreters and printed material in other languages. Individuals, families, Medicare recipients, and corporations may purchase competitive, cost-effective health insurance policies from Health Net.

Consequently, care management strategies enhance outcomes and productivity while reducing service costs. Health Net is devoted to improving community support, education, and information. Health Net is backed by a Fortune 51 corporation, allowing users to quickly choose the most reliable health plan (Haugh, 2021). The National Committee for Quality Assurance has accredited Health Net for providing high-quality health services to various plans for people, organizations, and Medicare recipients. 

Health Net has granted more than $350,000 to community-based organizations (CBOs) in the Central Valley of California committed to enhancing food availability and health equality (Florida, 2021). The awards represent a continuation of Health Net’s commitment to enhancing community health by tackling chronic food insecurity. A new report from Health Net outlines (PDF) best practices for extending access to treatment and lowering health inequalities among the state’s most vulnerable populations (Essien et al., 2021).

NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report

Health Net, one of California’s longest-serving and most experienced Medi-Cal partners, was created forty years ago. Today, they believe everyone needs a health safety net, regardless of age, income, employment position, or current health condition. Today, Health Net has 3,000 employees and 85,000 network providers serving over 3 million consumers (Health Net Group, About us. n.d.). That is about one in twelve Californians. They provide health insurance for individuals, families, companies of all sizes, Medicare recipients, and Medi-Cal recipients. Health Net also offers mental health treatments, employee assistance programs, prescription drug management options, and treatment for substance abuse. Health Net, LLC and its affiliates, including Health Net of California, Inc., Health Net Life Insurance Company, and Health Net Community Solutions, Inc., offer these health plans and services (Health Net Group, About us. n.d.). These businesses are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Fortune 50 firm Centene Corporation, which provides health care to over 25 million Americans (Bundorf et al., 2021).


Implementing directional strategies ensures that the company remains aligned with its purpose, values, and objectives. The success of an organization is contingent upon its directed strategy. The organization’s short- and long-term objectives must be driven by successful strategies devised by the leadership. The tactics must match the facility’s strategic objectives to be effective. The tactics must be adaptive and modified to fit the industry’s constant evolution. Leadership and personnel must be adaptable for the institution’s transformation in the health care industry. 


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NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report


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NHS FPX 5010 Assessment 3 Attempt 2 Directional Strategies Report

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