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NHS FPX 5004 Diversity Team Assessment 2 Diversity Project Kickoff Presentation KP

Diversity Mission

NHS FPX 5004 Diversity Team Assessment 2 Diversity Project Kickoff Presentation KP
Fostering and sustain a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to inspiring learning, teaching, leadership and respect for all.

Build a culture of Diversity and Inclusion
Leverage Internal and External Partnership Opportunities
Impact the Communities We Serve by Encouraging Respect
Employee Representation
Service & Leadership
Teaching & Learning
Increase underrepresented workplace talent
Promote knowledge of medical care options in target societies
Create employment commitment surveys
Build employee systems, mentoring and patronage
Improve medical care delivery and access options
Establish employee representation teams
Diversity Mission Importance:
“Leveraging diversity to productively influence business procedures is a business imperative for many healthcare establishments as they look to leadership to support manage a new era of culturally proficient, patient-centered care that diminishes health and healthcare disparities” (Dotson & Nuru-Jeter, 2012).

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By means of business and medical investigate data, “healthcare studies presented patients normally fare better when care for by more diverse teams. Specialized skills-focused studies usually find improvements to innovation, group discussions, and improved risk assessment. The financial presentation is also enhanced with amplified diversity” (Gomez & Bernet, 2019).

Our professional growth is also enhanced by functioning in a diverse workplace. According to an article published by Scientific USA, “decades of research by structural scientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists, and population scientists show that collectively diverse groups (that is, those with a diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation) are further innovative than homogeneous crowds” (Phillips, 2014).

NHS FPX 5004 Diversity Team Assessment 2 Diversity Project Kickoff Presentation KP

Best Practices
Regularly converse cultural values.
Expand upon old-style beliefs about culture to include educational background, financial status, religious affiliation, gender, geographic site as well as added differences.
Inspire the sharing of testimonies to encourage the growth of scope and perception
Solicit data, analyze data ideas and create actionable steps.

Benefits of a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Source: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (2021).
A diverse and comprehensive place of work has many benefits. As reflected in our chart, the multifaceted aspects of these benefits are far-reaching and comprehensive in nature.

Increased Comfort Levels: Those who are fundamentally grounded in diversity best practices will likely engage with diverse populations confidently.
More Innovation: The collaboration among those with diverse backgrounds brings forth an environment of stimulating thoughts and perspectives.
Improved Communication: In terms of language, the ability to communicate effectively is vital. Boosted Creativity: Considering and understanding diverse perspectives aids problem-solving within a workplace team.

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Increased Trust: A degree of increased trust is sometimes realized when patients can engage with those of similar identity (race, age, color, ethnicity, etc).
Reduced Health Disparities: Diverse team members can often increase understanding of specific needs of diverse groups and thus decrease barriers.
Enhanced Understanding: The ability to understand varying cultural practices and beliefs allows for effective relationship building.
Higher Retention: Workplaces deemed to be sensitive to the needs of a diverse society are likely to be attractive to prospective employees.
Increased Engagement: Removing barriers to trust and understanding increases the likelihood of companionship.

Interprofessional Group Collaboration
Source: Smartsheet.com, 2017
As the delivery of Medical service advances to become more intersected, coordinating care among healthcare multidisciplinary teams such as nurses, pharmacists, physicians, social workers, and other disciplines has a chance to increasingly implement important values. The interprofessional association is the practice of a team approach to patient care from a broader perspective.

NHS FPX 5004 Diversity Team Assessment 2 Diversity Project Kickoff Presentation KP

According to the World Health Organization, by implementing interprofessional alliance and learning to work together collectively, and appreciate one another’s beliefs platform in healthcare, various disciplines can work more fruitfully as a team to help advance patient outcomes. The importance of interprofessional group collaboration helps healthcare decrease costs by decreasing medication and procedural errors.

Project Team Members


COMMON GROUND Foster respect, equity, and inclusion.

Celebrate diversity.

Respect individual rights to confidentiality.
Stop acts of discrimination and harassment in any practice.

Protect the health and safety of others.

Protect confidential Data.
A key to working with problems of shared beliefs is to speak openly, respectfully and often.
Create opportunities for working together at the juncture of values and background.
Recognize dissimilar professional and personal responsibilities within the workplace.
Include employees from an assortment of backgrounds and experiences
Cross-functional and multi-level individuals should be encouraged to unite, and problem solve.
To expedite the projected goals of projects and view from all viewpoints.

NHS FPX 5004 Diversity Team Assessment 2 Diversity Project Kickoff Presentation KP


    S – Specific Be specific in pursuing an objective goal
    M – Measurable Establish a measurable indicator(s) of progress
    A – Assignable Assign the objectives/goals to the most knowledgeable person of that specific goal.
    R – Realistic Be realistic with accessible resources and Data.
    T – Time related Set timeframe of each goal in stages and expected completion date.

Team Structure

  • Diversity Team Lead
  • Patient Experience
  • Hospital Administration
  • Central Healthcare
  • Medical Information

According to study, “to improved care for diverse patient inhabitants, hospitals are working to magnify the diversity of their management team, board, and staff. And many hospital teams are developing better culture to improve the diversity and inclusion, for healthier engage all staff and provide superior, equitable care for all patients” (Health Research & Educational Trust, 2018, p.3).

Conversely, we are seeking to engage a broad range of our existing facility team members from these respective areas of our organization.

We’ll be actively seeking volunteers and suggestions as to who should be selected for the diversity. Subsequently, we’ll work with the administration to ensure those selected are allowed pursuant to policy and procedure.

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