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Macy’s Online Performance & Marketing Plan



Evolving technologies are making shopping much easier than before by providing consumers with opportunities such as online shopping, ordering products over the phone, via mail or on the go. Almost all retailers now are offering their customers with multichannel retailing options to increase their product sale. The brand stores have been converted into billboards, and constant reminders from the catalogues for the consumers to purchase products and e-stores serving round the clock opportunities for customers to buy products at their ease (Avery, Steenburgh, Deighton and Caravella, 2013).

Macy’s Online Performance & Marketing Plan

Macy’s Online Performance

Macy is credited as one of US’s largest department store; a major increase in its online sales has been reported being 16pc in online sales even though sales of its physical store suffered 9.5pc decrease. After putting an end to its partnership with Amazon two years ago, the company decided to increase its investment in its online stores and websites. The chief executive of Macy’s department store, Terry Lundgren, said in an interview that the company will shift its investment towards its online websites after experiencing a continuous decline in sales of its store’s network which are about 840 in number (Birchall, 2009).

After experiencing exponential growth and success of Macy’s online stores and also having physically present stores, the industry consultants are considering the opportunity of more online stores for other retailers. Due to the variety and customer’s preferences the company faces challenge in allocating products of different prices and ranges in its online and offline channels, which also increases the pressure on the decision makers, management and retailers which need to put more thoughts on understanding the consumer’s shopping (Campo and Breugelmans, 2015).

Macy’s Online Performance & Marketing Plan

Macy’s department store needs to consider the multichannel shopping attitude of consumers to have a better insight on how they can manage and increase its online and offline store sales. To develop new mechanism and address the factors to understand the preferences of multichannel shoppers across online and offline stores. The allocation of products across the multiple channels should be done after evaluating the sale patterns across multiple channels, which will enable the retailers to manage their online categories and focus on options to promote their products in varying categories to stimulate sales (Zhang et al. 2010).  Also, they can engage their customer’s in quick and to the point surveys and reviews about their online purchases and overall view of online store if it’s satisfactory or they would like to see some changes and advancements in the categories etc. (Zhang et al. 2010).

Macy’s Online Performance & Marketing Plan

Conclusion and Recommendation:

In this competitive time, the physical stores are becoming more fun to make shoppers visit them and feel the worth for it. The reason for success behind Apple stores is not only the products it contains, but also the sophisticated designs, friendly and helpful staff. The Disney stores may be a triggering factor for most parents, but the kids enjoy the trip to the fullest with all those cool stuffed toys etc. which give them a fun experience of the store. There are a number of stores whose main focus is only on sales and do not consider building healthy relationships with their customers. These kinds of stores are more prone to customer’s resistance of visiting the physical store to try and test products before purchasing them cheaply on the e-store (Economist 2012).

Businesses today need not only money but also creativity and imagination to bag more customers. Macy’s, who is investing more than $400m in just renovating its flagship stores, can utilize this money to enhance their online sales by improving their multichannel. It will be set back to Macy’s if they keep spending money on store’s physical appearances when customers are more interested in online shopping. This strategy will help Macy to compete with its competitors e.g. Amazon in the online market (Economist 2012).


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