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HUMN 303 Week 8 Assignment Essay Interrelationships Reflection


Vincent van Gogh’s Painting Explanation

The painting I have chosen is Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” created in 1889. This artwork has always captivated me due to its unique and distinctive portrayal of a landscape. According to Cartwright (2022), the painting depicts the view from the artist’s window at the asylum to he voluntarily admitted himself, Saint-Paul-de-Mausole.

The interpretation of “The Starry Night” varies among individuals, with numerous theories proposed. Some believe that the painting provides a realistic depiction of the position of the stars in June 1889. Others argue that van Gogh used his art to convey a biblical narrative. This diversity of perspectives adds to the allure of the painting, further enhancing its uniqueness compared to other landscape artworks.

HUMN 303 Week 8 Assignment Essay Interrelationships Reflection

I am drawn to “The Starry Night” precisely because of its distinctive qualities. It stands out from traditional landscape paintings, capturing van Gogh’s unique artistic vision and his emotional connection to the world around him. The combination of the swirling sky, vibrant colors, and expressive brushstrokes evokes a sense of movement, intensity, and personal expression that sets it apart.

In addition, it is worth noting that van Gogh painted “The Starry Night” during the daytime, relying on his memory to recreate the scene. A manic episode prompted him to admit to the asylum, as he recognized the need to seek treatment and improve his well-being. The painting was created using oil paints, showcasing van Gogh’s mastery of the medium.

Understanding art provides us with a deeper understanding of people in general. It allows us to perceive beyond surface-level actions and facial expressions, uncovering the complexities of individuals. Just as art encompasses diverse perspectives and viewpoints, nursing also requires navigating differences in attitudes and backgrounds between patients and healthcare providers. Our paths to arrive at them may differ significantly even when we share similar views. Our unique life experiences shape our understanding, just as the artist’s perspective cannot be directly compared to our own.

Profound struggles, including mental illness and enduring poverty, marked van Gogh’s life. Throughout his entire existence, he faced significant hardships that profoundly influenced his perspective on the world. This stark contrast to our experiences is worth noting, as it challenges popular beliefs and assumptions.

HUMN 303 Week 8 Assignment Essay Interrelationships Reflection

Motivations and intentions

When Van Gogh created his masterpiece, “The Starry Night,” his motivations and intentions behind the artwork were undoubtedly distinct from our reasons for drawing or creating art. While we may engage in artistic pursuits for personal expression, aesthetic pleasure, or various other reasons, Van Gogh’s circumstances and inner struggles likely imbued his work with a unique significance.

Delving into the meaning of Van Gogh’s art allows us to understand people and their thoughts better. It opens a window into their inner worlds, shedding light on their emotions, perspectives, and experiences. Art is a powerful tool for connecting with the human condition, transcending differences, and fostering empathy.

By exploring the complexities and depths of Van Gogh’s work, we can develop a richer appreciation for the vast range of human expression and gain insights into the thoughts and emotions that drive individuals. Understanding the art and the artists behind it enables us to enhance our understanding of others and cultivate a greater sense of empathy and compassion.

HUMN 303 Week 8 Assignment Essay Interrelationships Reflection

Impact of Disciplines on the Perspective

Studying various disciplines, such as literature, drama, philosophy, art, and music, has profoundly impacted my perspective and outlook on life. Through exposure to these diverse platforms of expression, I have encountered a wide range of viewpoints and ideas, which in turn have shaped and influenced my beliefs and opinions. This exposure has fostered a sense of open-mindedness, particularly when encountering opinions or perspectives that differ from mine.

Engaging with these disciplines, especially in a class setting, has allowed me to delve deeper into the realm of art and its related fields. It has provided me with the tools to approach these forms of expression with a more discerning eye and a heightened understanding. Through analysis and interpretation, I have learned how to appreciate the complexities and nuances inherent in artistic works.

Furthermore, studying these disciplines has encouraged me to conduct thorough research and inquiry. I want to uncover the underlying reasons behind confident artistic choices or philosophical concepts. This deeper exploration has expanded my understanding of the world and taught me not to rely solely on my viewpoint when forming judgments or opinions.

In essence, studying literature, drama, philosophy, art, and music has allowed me to embrace the richness and diversity of human expression. It has broadened my horizons, enabling me to approach various ideas and perspectives with an open and empathetic mind. Through this journey of exploration and understanding, I have realized the importance of looking beyond my viewpoint and embracing the power of knowledge and research to inform my understanding of the world.


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