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HUMN 303 Week 5 Assignment Essay Art Creation Music or Dance or Poetry



The art piece I have chosen to create is a poem, a medium I am intimately acquainted with and sincerely appreciate. Poems, in their essence, embody a fusion of storytelling and lyricism, capable of evoking emotions, imparting wisdom, and inspiring individuals. They can take various forms, from structured rhymes to free verse, and span a spectrum of lengths and complexities.

Poetry can move its readers, eliciting laughter, tears, or a profound sense of reflection. Like other forms of artistic expressions, such as visual art, narratives, plays, and dances, poems are crafted to convey a story, message, or idea the author wishes to impart to their audience. They serve as conduits for communication, encapsulating the poet’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences and inviting readers to find personal meaning and resonance within the words.

Through poetry, messages can range from themes of resilience, urging individuals not to give up in the face of adversity, to expressions of support and solidarity for those in need. Poems can uplift, console, provoke thought, and ignite change. They can connect people profoundly and intimately, transcending time, culture, and language boundaries.

HUMN 303 Week 5 Assignment Essay Art Creation Music or Dance or Poetry


In summary, the art form of poetry holds a special place in my heart and has captivated me with its capacity to capture the essence of the human experience. Its versatility and power to convey messages and evoke emotions make it a vital tool for self-expression and fostering individual connection and understanding.

HUMN 303 Week 5 Assignment Essay Art Creation Music or Dance or Poetry

Depth of Soul

Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I am reminded of the mighty queen within me. I gently adjust my crown when it slips slightly, ensuring it does not contribute to my ultimate downfall.

Even as the mirror becomes hazy amid a lavender-scented, steaming shower that my body craves and often takes for granted, my soul is intricately woven together through the artistry of my poetry. With tender whispers, I offer fragments of gold that touch the depths of one’s longing soul, providing them with a sense of home and belonging.

Although I may not possess a kingdom or a place to call my own, I am still willing to sacrifice a part of myself for my people. It is a sacrifice I felt compelled to make so that no one would touch their hearts slowly slipping away from their grasp. In the emptiness they once felt, I sought to fill it with the love they had taken from me.

Yet, there are moments when it almost consumed me. Time tries to rob me of my essence, temporarily stealing from the rich in easing the pain with mere nickels and dimes. I thought I had everything under control until I became a victim of my emotions and thoughts.

Deep within those thoughts, beauty intertwines with darkness, hidden in the depths of intricate caves. It’s not a piece of cake, and I speak not in jest. I trusted those thoughts, yet forgiveness has eluded me thus far.

So, in case I have nearly forgotten, a simple two-second hug, a phone call despite the miles that separate us, a letter filled with blank pages and cherished memories, kissed with grace, a mile run as the wind caresses my face, or even a moment to catch my breath – all it takes is a single step.

HUMN 303 Week 5 Assignment Essay Art Creation Music or Dance or Poetry

The Courage of Love

In that step lies the reminder that I possess the strength, resilience, and capacity to overcome even amid life’s complexities.

The poem that inspired me to write is titled “Before I…” and Aniya K. Pantanal wrote it. The author’s intention in writing the poetry was to spread the message that it is not difficult to love oneself and pursue one’s dreams and that it only requires a little courage. This resonated with me because, in today’s world, many people struggle with anxiety and depression. Some succumb to these challenges, while others overcome them on their own or with the help of loved ones.

I have witnessed people close to me go through dark times, whether due to losing a loved one or financial difficulties. This motivated me to write a poem that explores the experience of someone facing depression, losing themselves in the depths of despair, yet still being willing to sacrifice themselves for others. I titled my poem “I’m all it takes.”

The inspiration for writing this poem stems from my connection to someone who is currently battling depression. This person cannot see their worth and feels lost in their struggles. We had lost contact for a couple of months, but when we were in touch, they would confide in me about their challenges and how they had lost the spark they once had. My friends are like queens in their own worlds, each living a beautiful story that unfolds with every breath they take. I wanted to capture the essence of this person’s experience in my poem and remind them of their inherent value and strength.

HUMN 303 Week 5 Assignment Essay Art Creation Music or Dance or Poetry

Challenges imposed by the world on Individual Spirit

The connection between the two pieces lies in their shared focus on individuals who struggle to see their worth and navigate the challenges imposed by the world. The inspiration from the original poem influenced the theme and message conveyed in the written piece. Both works explore the idea of losing oneself to external forces that may weigh heavily on a person’s spirit.

However, they differ in their perspectives. The original poem emphasizes the importance of resilience and not succumbing to the hardships imposed by the world. It encourages individuals to build themselves up despite the obstacles they face. On the other hand, the written poem highlights the power of small acts of kindness and connection in saving someone from depression. It emphasizes the significance of a simple hug, a phone call, or a letter in uplifting and supporting struggling people.

Additionally, the two poems differ in their mediums. The original poem utilizes concise and condensed lines to convey its message effectively. In contrast, the written poem employs longer sentences to express its ideas. The chosen medium significantly impacts how the message is given, and its effectiveness ultimately depends on the author’s skill in utilizing that medium to create a lasting effect on the reader.


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