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HUM 1200 Week 9 Philosophy of Work

Is Work a Calling or Just Work?

When considering the significance of the work philosophy, one might try to ascertain whether work is regarded as a calling or merely a means of earning money. To answer this question, I believe it depends on a person’s personal values and whether or not they have an emotional connection to the work being done. Work or a job cannot be considered a calling unless you are personally drawn to it or have a strong connection to it. This is often looked at as evidence that you are a natural at the work or have certain knowledge or experience. 

Might you at any point be paid for your calling? Absolutely, especially if your calling is a continuation of your chosen career. Work is viewed as a means of earning money to support their families by those who believe they do not have a calling or something they are passionate about. When this is the case, work is often chosen for its pay and benefits rather than for its enjoyment as something you enjoy doing. Some people aren’t able to do the things they love because they don’t have the skills, are too old, or don’t have enough support from others.

There is a reason for the various kinds of work that are available; however, how meaningful work depends on how important it is to each person. You have to think about how the work affects and helps people’s lives. You need to ascertain why the work matters to the individual and why it is important to them in order to discover their purpose for working. Some people might think that the work is only for their own benefit, while others might see it from the perspective of the organization, whose goal is to make money. 

HUM 1200 Week 9 Philosophy of Work

You should likewise investigate why the work means quite a bit to the people who the work will influence. You must determine whether the work you do aligns with your values in order to find value in it. In view of the work you have finished authority ought to cause you to feel like you are adding esteem by showing appreciation for your qualities that adjust inside the organization. Overall, purpose gives you a chance to demonstrate what matters to you and how it defines your goals and core values.

In the past, my approach to work was based on doing work solely for money. This was because of how I was raised and the values that my parents taught me. All I saw as a child was people working to support their families. I observed very little leisure time. Growing up I was instructed that recreation time was just a fantasy for the regular workers. 

Relaxation time was exclusively for the rich and renowned. I now know that a person’s morals and values can influence how they view work, but that knowledge and experience can change how they view work. That’s what I feel assuming you are an individual who is filling in as a way to bring in cash, you won’t ever be completely associated with the work that you are doing. Because you have no connection to the work, this indicates that the quality of the work you are doing will not be affected. This could be a problem for you, in my opinion, because it could lead to you switching jobs without really understanding your purpose in life. I watched my mother work in dead-end jobs without a clear purpose for her work for years. 

HUM 1200 Week 9 Philosophy of Work

As I have aged, I feel that it is essential to take care of business that you are enthusiastic or have an association with. This is because you don’t think of your job as just work when you feel connected to it. You can look past working for cash and spotlight more on serving, giving, and making a big deal about worth for other people. This permits you to guarantee that you are having an effect on others on the grounds that your center objectives and values line up with the work you are giving. Working and accomplishing something that you love is by all accounts extremely predominant right now since an ever-increasing number of individuals are picking to work freely instead of the conventional method of work. This is in part because people don’t think their employers value their work.

The work schedule, pay, and/or profit are just a few of the other considerations. However, I do think that you should make time for yourself, even if you’re working at a job you enjoy because it gives you a chance to disconnect from everything and come out of it with a clearer head and possibly new ideas. Then again, accomplishing something you love doesn’t necessarily need to be viewed as work that you get paid for. 

It might be entirely voluntary just because you want to make an impression on a particular group of people or show how passionate you are about helping or serving others. When I started working, I knew that I wasn’t cut out to just work for money. I am the kind of person who acts according to the meaning or values of the benefits it will provide to my life. It’s not for me if I don’t care about it or if the effect doesn’t move me emotionally or touch my soul.

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