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HMNT 3001C Week 6 Modern Popular Culture

Modern Popular Culture

Before enrolling in this course, I had never given much thought to popular culture. While I understood that things like TV shows and music fell under the umbrella of popular culture, I didn’t fully grasp their significance as cultural artifacts. I had never contemplated how they shape both my personal experiences and the world around me. Although I recognized that our society is heavily influenced by what we consume, I had yet to attribute this influence to popular culture itself.

HMNT  3001C Week 6 Modern Popular Culture

As an active participant in popular culture, I regularly engage with various forms of media. I watch TV shows and movies, subscribe to multiple streaming platforms, listen to music daily, read books, and utilize several social media apps. Popular culture has consistently exerted its influence on me throughout my life. 

During my teenage years, I looked up to beautiful celebrities and sought to emulate their appearance. I would dye my hair to match theirs and attempt to replicate their style through my clothing choices. Even today, after more than two decades, I remain influenced by popular culture. For instance, when browsing my social media apps, if I come across an appealing outfit or product, I often find myself clicking on the advertised link and making a purchase. This is precisely what popular culture intends.

Among the numerous popular culture artifacts that influence me, the app Pinterest stands out. This platform serves as a vast collection of everyone’s favorite things. It offers a wide range of inspirations, including outfit ideas, book recommendations, hair inspiration for different styles, cuts, and colors, recipes to try, home decor suggestions, and even guidance for planning birthday parties. I find inspiration for my classroom decor and lesson planning on Pinterest, and these are just a few examples of what the app provides. Additionally, businesses have begun using Pinterest as a means to drive traffic to their websites by employing engaging graphics. As Crawford (2015) observes, 

“The social network that first gained popularity after allowing teenage girls to post pictures of their food is now actually helping put food on the table in developing countries” (para. 2). Organizations like Impact Earth Ventures utilize infographics on Pinterest to raise awareness about their causes and their needs in achieving altruistic goals (Crawford, 2015, para. 4).

Since undertaking this course, my perception of popular culture has undergone a significant shift. I now recognize the immense power it wields over us in society. I am more aware of its potential negative effects, as well as its capacity to instigate positive change. Throughout this course, I learned that popular culture has played a pivotal role in altering societal beliefs regarding sexuality and gender through its portrayal in TV, film, and advertising. As stated by “LGBTQ Inclusion in Advertising & Media” (2022), “Entertainment and media remain driving forces for positive culture change by helping to change hearts and minds through diverse and inclusive representation of LGBTQ people” (para. 4). These popular culture artifacts have created spaces where everyone can feel included.

HMNT  3001C Week 6 Modern Popular Culture

Considering what I now know, I am uncertain whether my consumption of popular culture will undergo significant changes. I will likely continue to watch the same TV shows and movies and listen to the same music. I will frequently visit the Pinterest app to gather inspiration for my home and classroom decor. However, I will approach these influences with greater mindfulness, carefully evaluating their impact on me. Moreover, I aim to utilize popular culture as a tool for effecting change. One avenue through which I can achieve this is by harnessing the power of social media. 

Given that social media is here to stay and can reach millions of people, I can leverage my platform to share stories of positivity. Often, while scrolling through my feed, I come across heartwarming videos of people coming together in times of need. However, I must admit that I often continue scrolling without sharing those videos. Moving forward, I intend to use my social media presence to highlight what I observe in my community and school, initiating discussions on how we can come together to bring about positive change in our current circumstances. By taking these steps, I hope to inspire others to do the same, triggering a chain reaction of transformation.

In conclusion, my perspective on popular culture has been significantly altered since enrolling in this course. I now grasp its profound influence on society and individuals. While my consumption of popular culture may not undergo drastic changes, I will approach it with heightened awareness and critical thinking. Furthermore, I aim to utilize popular culture as a catalyst for positive change, particularly through the power of social media. By sharing stories of positivity and using my platform to address local issues, I hope to inspire others to join me in making a difference. Popular culture has the potential to shape our society in profound ways, and by harnessing its influence, we can create a more inclusive and transformative future.

HMNT  3001C Week 6 Modern Popular Culture


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