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Reading through the posts in the discussion board for Week 6 on the top element of the twentieth century, I was surprised to find that most of the class chose medical innovations and advancements. Out of the four posts, one focused on race relations, two on technological innovations, and one on the economy.

Stephen Jenkins’s post stood out to me as it differed from my own perspective. He argued that technological advancements were the most important element of the twentieth century, emphasizing their significance in enabling medical advancements (Jenkins, 2017). In contrast, I chose medical innovations and advancements without considering the role of technology in facilitating those advancements. 


Another post that differed from mine was by Martin Strachan, who also highlighted technological advancements but recognized their impact on the medical industry. He discussed support machines, rescue helicopters, and the effects of the internet on medical progress (Strachan, 2017). In my initial post, I focused on medical innovations and advancements that had a personal impact on me, rather than critically examining all the innovations and advancements that affect many.

While none of the other elements discussed on the board changed my perspective on citizenship, they did make me reflect on my personal values and the concept of globalization. I maintain my belief that individuals who want to live in the United States should follow the established legal procedures to become citizens. I also hold the view that those residing in the country illegally should not receive government subsidies, employment opportunities, or other benefits. I consider illegal entry to be a crime and believe that such individuals should be deported to their country of origin. Regarding globalization, I still have reservations about multinational corporations, but I now understand why businesses operate in multiple countries.


Taking this course has not only expanded my knowledge of history but has also exposed me to different perspectives, including various political views. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from others, including my classmates and professor. Their thoughts, ideas, and feelings on various subjects have prompted me to reevaluate myself. I have come to realize that if we desire change, we cannot wait for others to take the first step or make the change happen. In the final week of this course, I reached out to the Family Promise of Florence, a non-profit organization that assists homeless individuals and families in finding employment, affordable housing, daycare services, and foster homes. 

I will be volunteering a few days a week to support their efforts. Additionally, I contacted the Pee Dee Coalition for Women and Children Against Violence and applied for a position as a victim advocate for hospital response. As a survivor of rape for 23 years, I recognized the need to move beyond discussing necessary changes and take the initiative to help bring about those changes in my community.

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