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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

There appear two settings in the movie, the first one is the salvage ship, and the other is RMS Titanic. The story of the film begins by capturing the shoots at salvage ships. Treasure hunters named Brock Lovett with his group members found themselves at a salvage ship who continued their search to expose a necklace known as The Heart of the Ocean (Tran et al., 2016). They reached the wretch of the Titanic at the Atlantic Ocean. But incredibly, they came to the nude portray of a female who was wearing the necklace around her neck. The date mentioned on the portray 14th April 1912. And no doubt it was the exact date on which Titanic sank by getting hit through the iceberg. 

Summary of the Movie

The Old Raw Dawson and her granddaughter went to the Brock Lovett with his group members on the salvage ship to learn more about RMS Titanic. The dimensions of the RMS Titanic consist of both indoor and outdoor sections. The upper hall was vast and extensive at the RMS Titanic’s upper area, a hotel, a church, VIP particular room, and others. The outlook of Titanic exposes that high-class people used to visit it. The upper section of RMS looked ready for the high-class people. And the lower team of Titanic made for the lower-class people with having the most miniature decorations. Their rooms at the lower section were small with double-decker bed sets. Most of the scenes captured the outdoor of the RMS Titanic. The primary role character performed Jack, who shouted, “I’m the king of the world.” Another main character Rose wanted to attempt suicide, and Jack tried to stop her and told her a memorable dialogue, ‘You jump, I jump.’ At the outdoor of RMS Titanic, Jack holds Rose by flying high and saying, ‘I can fly.’ 

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

Analysis of the Movie

The movie Titanic remained successful in capturing the attention of the audience. The applicability of titanic in mise-en-scene (Tiara & Humanika, 2021). It is a romantic and disastrous American movie that ruled over the box office for a very long The American industry experienced the ongoing process of revenues through it. The filmmakers put their best efforts into deciding the best scenes of the shoot before shooting actually. Filmmakers put their best locations in the selection of setting of the set, make-up and costume, lighting, and styles of actions. The films present the difference between the upper and lower class in society. The eye-captivating acting styles of the actors nurtured the story to display smoothly. The impact of lighting presented in the movie Titanic is remarkable, and the characters’ moods were presented fabulously. Mise-en-scene is used to explain human emotions with full of its peak. 

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

It exposed the emotions of humans when the ship sank, and Jack lies Rose on the wood, which presents the best sentiments of love in humans. The next scene is the flying scene of Jack holding Rose at the outdoor of the ship. The acting styles of the characters Jack and Rose are presented in such a way to teach true feelings in humans for the promotion of love. The film’s story shows the relationship between movies and society by representing social and political realities incorporating ideological factors. The scenario of class difference is too strongly displayed through the scenes of the movie Titanic. The scenes of the movie Titanic depict that lower-class people receive amusement from local instruments and local music at the lower section. And the people of the high class who attended the parties at the upper level of Titanic used to listen to violin and piano. 

The movie is set to highlight the interests of the capitalists and their economic interests. It presents the difference between the costumes and settings of the upper and lower classes (Tran et al., 2017). Rich people of the higher course used to wear expensive costumes, and the lower-class people used to wear cheap costumes. The higher-class people used to sit in a decorated area, and the lower-class people used to sit in a room with minor decorations in the ship. 

The movie of Titanic cast its powerful influence on other films to present a real-life incident transformed into a love story based on fiction. The film displayed on the screen makes people realize that each scene consists of originality of love and inspiration of love. It presented in such a powerful mode to influence the whole audience with its motivating story to capture the minds and hearts of the people. The movie consists of the most powerful characters to captivate the people and develop them accordingly. 

Impact of the Movie on Public’s Understanding

14th April 1942 is when the Titanic was accidentally hit by an iceberg and drove in the Atlantic Ocean more minor than the time of three hours (Montano & Carr, 2021). The number of passengers and their crew on the Titanic was about 2200, and they were on the voyage traveling towards the United States. The analysis of that historical disaster revealed that among all passengers and crew members, only 705 were rescued. By the given facts, it is experienced that ship can float over the sea’s surface even as a result of devastating accidents at sea, but the Titanic drove within three hours. 

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

The disorder in the ship revealed the fact to the public that the used material of the vessel was made of flawed and low-quality components, which entailed the ship to sink in the vast sea (Ravid, 2018). Additionally, the movie came the concerned government officials to improve the quality of the materials used in the ship. The factors about the improvement in the manufacturing of the design of vessels by introducing the revolutionary measures in the safety regulations of the ships to prevent disasters in future as the Titanic received. It also facilitates the shipping industries to restrict their manufacturing modes for future expectations. 

The public remained conscious about the wreck of the Titanic perceived in the movie that the devastating fractures in the ship were caused by the usage of hull steel material in the boat (Escher et al., 2021). By the investigations made by scientists, it is revealed that the edge of the ship of Titanic made from steel found in shattered condition and the high-quality material used in boats made of tensile steel, which is hard to bend and mold. Another reason for the ship disaster came before the public that ship embraced a high level of collision through the iceberg and low level of water temperature it was faced during disaster time. As the iceberg caused to break the hull plates of the ship Titanic, the resulting holes allowed the water invasion to come in the section of the vessel. The persistence of the gigantic seawater flow caused tremendous forces to break through the ship’s plates as it is not a matter of concern. It encountered a flood of water everywhere in and around the vessel to enable it to sink in the seawater quickly. 

Changes to Improve the Movie Titanic

There exists the need for improvement to improve the dimensions of the movie of Titanic (Kurzbaum et al., 2019). It is a matter of concern that if the used material of Titanic consists of the manufacturers of double hull steel, the risks attached to the accidents in the sea tend to reduce. There prevails the need to bring betterment in the quality of steel plates and riveting of the ship. The bulkheads used in the craft of Titanic need fully sealed against water to lower the risks of shipwrecking and disasters in the Atlantic Sea. 

HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

The screenplay of Titanic needs to improve the facilities of taking care of ships at a national and international level. Still, the RMS Titanic occupies space as the national jewel in maritime history. The changes of the disaster through Titanic lead to change the whole structure of life protecting strategies more effectively. It promotes the tragic end of the love story, which presents a terror visualization that shows people to cry caused to change the dilemma of dealing with the sentiments of the people at an alarming edge.


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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 5 History in the Movies: Fact or Fiction PS

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