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HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Lessons From History Presentation PS

HIS-FPX1150: US Hist Past Informs Present



HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Lessons From History Presentation PS
Modes of Improving the financial condition
Proper usage of available resources (Marist.edu, 2020)
The rise in the stocks of capital
The rise in the revenue
If I research economic change in the U.S market, I’ll opt to evaluate the modes of improving the financial condition of the whole state (Marist.edu, 2020). It needs to operate the system more efficiently by using available resources effectively and seeking a rise in revenue due to economic change. It also leads the foundations to give rise to the stock of capital. All modes comprise equal weightage to experience successful economic change.


Economic change comprises the following factors:
Strategies of tax cuts
Level of deregulation in the economy
Reusing of existing infrastructure
Role of shareholders in economic development

The sustenance of economic change needs tax cuts, and it also shows the tendency to experience the level of deregulation in the economy. I’ll focus on reusing the infrastructure at the pace of economic growth and development. An increase in employment leads to experience growth in action due to the rapid economic change. The role of shareholders in economic development improves the whole culture of economic development.



The reasons for the credibility of resource is here:
The source is primary and published in 1917
People face a scarcity of resources
People are willing to utilize their potential
This source is primary and was published in 1917. It wrote to promote people who live hands to mouth and ask others for help. They can do work, but they are running out of sources. The article’s main idea is to make the call of people audible in the sense that people want to utilize their capacity and want to get rid of the miseries of their life. It is all about the Americans who preferred to leave America and move to the South to acquire a sound economic condition. The writer was not present at the time of incidence about his writings. The writer looked neutral because he was talking about the actual phenomenon of history.


It can be measured as:
Primary source and was published in 1933
In the U.S, people use their accounts to make deposits
It is a primary source and was published in 1933. It leads to addressing the significance of the banking system of the U.S, where people use their accounts to make deposits and transfer money through safe and secure financial institutions. The takeaway of the source is to explain the monetary functions of the financial institutions and serve the people by providing various services. Still, people face difficulties in the arrival of weekends. No, the writer was not present there at the time of recording. The writer seemed neutral as he is demonstrating to promote the well-being of the people. The kay facts presented in the source revealed that it is not possible to transfer assets in cash to clients.


The economy of America experienced an evolution
South Americans experienced the worst lifestyle (Npr.org, 2019)
People strive hard to experience betterment
The economy of America experienced the evolution phase. From 1916 to 1921, the people of South America experienced the worst lifestyle by having insufficient financial resources (Npr.org, 2019). They strive hard to experience betterment in their lives through an economic change in the current time. I find the same issue of lack of improvement in the quality of life of people, and they also prefer to migrate to those regions where they can quickly sell out their services to experience economic change.


EBP also furnishes the betterment of economic instability
The effectiveness of natural resources
The efficient role of women in the economy
The incorporation of EBP also furnishes the betterment of economic instability. The missing evidence is the effectiveness of natural resources and the efficient role of women in the economy. I’ll utilize the natural resources and role of women in society to make them able to achieve economic development.


The similarity in people needs to experience a healthy lifestyle (Historymatters.gmu.edu, n.d.)
People want to sell out their services
Lack to utilize the efficiency of women
Involvement of females in economic growth


HIS FPX 1150 Assessment 3 Lessons From History Presentation PS

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Npr.org. (2019). NPR Choice page. [online] Available at: https://www.npr.org/2014/01/27/267145552/the-middle-class-took-off-100-years-ago-thanks-to-henry-ford.

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