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HCS 475 Week 5 Resolving Responsibility Evaluation Concerns

Problem/Issue: Accurately Measuring Responsibilities 

The Smiley Hospital staff has pointed out to the managers that they are not receiving a fair evaluation for their work based on responsibilities. Each employee has the impression that the assignment of age groups does not accurately measure their responsibilities, which leads them to believe that their evaluations will be inaccurate.

The above-mentioned problems and issues have lowered employee morale. How can the leadership collaborate to create a new strategy that will not only address the duties of each employee but also restore staff morale for their current roles and responsibilities? The staff may have the impression that their newly assigned responsibilities and individual performances are appropriately evaluated based on their various job descriptions if each employee complaint is addressed with potential solutions.


The chiefs at Smiley Emergency Clinic have thought of an answer for the staff individuals that felt they were being assessed unjustifiably because of the different age bunches that each staff part was doled out. Each staff part will turn their relegated patient age bunch like clockwork so every part has a similar measure of time with each age bunch and the obligations that accompany each age bunch they were doled out. The solution will pay more attention to each age group and the different kinds of responsibilities that go along with them. The arrangement of revolution for every one of the staff individuals will likewise permit every one of the chiefs to comprehend the responsibility and various obligations in view of every one of the different age gatherings. In order for each director to evaluate the assigned employee in the same way, they will keep a different age group of patients. After each staff member completes their rotation, they will meet one-on-one with the director assigned to each age group to provide feedback. According to Hicks (2018), the objective of a good problem-solving procedure is to make our organization and ourselves “conflict-friendly” and “conflict-competent.”


The moves toward resolving the issue/issues first recognize that we have an issue that our staff has drawn out into the open. Meeting with the directors to evaluate the issue and devise a mutually agreed-upon strategy for resolving the conflict. A specific age group will be assigned to each director. Each staff part will pivot between the different age gatherings of patients like clockwork, subsequently making their obligations assessed reasonably for each age bunch they have been appointed. Meeting with the chiefs to give input on how each staff part feels the new arrangements are working will help give assuming the arrangement that has been proposed is fruitful. HCS 475 Week 5 Resolving Responsibility Evaluation Concerns.


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