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HCS 385 Week 5 Rising Healthcare Costs

For a number of years, the cost of healthcare in the United States has been rising. In 2012, the United States spent 2.6 trillion dollars more than any other nation on health care services. There are many variables to consider while contemplating the expense of medical services. Treatments are getting more and more expensive for Baby Boomers, and the cost of going to the hospital and clinic also contributes to the rising cost of healthcare.

“Almost a portion of the U.S. populace has at least one ongoing circumstance, for example, asthma, coronary illness or diabetes, which drive up costs” (Merhar, 2014). Two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, which also increases medical costs and causes chronic illness. Asthma, heart disease, and dialysis all necessitate ongoing, expensive treatments that cannot be avoided. Obsession, excess weight, and a poor diet are common causes of many diseases. The need for care and treatment is a major factor in the rising cost of healthcare because baby boomers live longer. One of the greatest emphasis focuses makes certain to be the consideration of the constantly sick, currently a battle for the Federal health insurance program, especially in regards to patients with numerous ongoing circumstances. ” Patient-managed technology, such as mobile health, may advance more quickly as a result of Boomers’ willingness to adopt new and improved technologies. Constant consideration framework change likewise will be significant in getting the people born after WW2 appropriately focused on as they progress in years” (Barr, 2014). 

HCS 385 Week 5 Rising Healthcare Costs

With new innovations like portable well-being Gen X-ers can get the consideration they need without leaving the solace of their place of home anyway. The expense to execute instruments as such stretches the medical services financial plan significantly more. Over the course of the last ten years or so, studies have shown that emergency clinics have been expanding their costs by as much as 1,000 percent over the real expenses of normal systems. According to Ross (2015), the uninsured and patients outside of the network are particularly impacted by these costs. In the event of an emergency, making the wrong hospital choice can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. When it comes to figuring out how to budget for elderly care, there is little to no room for error. Yet, with numerous boomers changing from their medical services plans to Federal medical care, it will carry more assets to the Government medical care program and help to reduce some of the gigantic medical care expenses. In comparison to private insurance companies, Medicare coverage reimburses hospitals for care at a lower cost.

The number of diseases that afflict the United States may decrease over the next decade or so as people become more aware of health and fitness. Because obesity is the root cause of many diseases, the more people who are educated about living a fit and healthy lifestyle, the better. Diabetes and high blood pressure can be managed without medication by eating a more balanced diet. Health and fitness, as well as staying active, should be promoted more widely in order to lower healthcare costs. Numerous people don’t know that moderate activity can settle circulatory strain or that less muscle to fat ratio can decrease the possibility of diabetes. Patients may be made aware of changes by making small suggestions during healthcare appointments. 

HCS 385 Week 5 Rising Healthcare Costs

The cost of healthcare can be greatly reduced by identifying avenues for reducing the cost of care for baby boomers while still providing excellent care. The nature of medical services won’t change yet with these minor changes of further developing well-being and decreasing consideration costs, the expense of medical care can work on over the long haul. Although this is not an immediate turnaround, it may significantly affect costs in the future. Assuming medical services cost is decreased, this can open up a few entryways, and assets can be upheld in different regions that need financing.


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