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GEOG 1001 Week 3 Global Travel Film

Europe Realm

Brussels, the fifth largest city in Belgium, is renowned for its exceptional dining options and historical attractions. It embraces multiculturalism and serves as a vibrant melting pot, with many residents fluent in French, German, and Dutch. Over 70% of the city’s population consists of migrants from various nations, resulting in a highly diverse society. 

The city’s significant historical importance is highlighted by its role as the de facto headquarters of the European Union. A must-see attraction is the Grand Palace, which hosts a breathtaking floral carpet exhibition every two years. Originally constructed as a fort, it was rebuilt after being demolished by the French Army. Parc du Cinquantenaire, a beautiful public park, is home to the Royal Military Museum and even features a mosque to cater to the Muslim community.

GEOG 1001 Week 3 Global Travel Film Paris, France

Known as the “City of Lights” and “City of Love,” Paris is a stunning French city renowned for its exquisite cuisine. By signing the Paris Treaty and being a founding member of the European Union, France solidified its political standing. Paris has played a significant role in defining the nation as an “indivisible, secular, democratic, and social Republic.” The city offers captivating attractions such as the iconic Eiffel Tower and the world-famous Louvre Museum. Additionally, the Palais Bourbon, also known as the French National Assembly Building, provides a glimpse into the city’s political scene.

Russia Realm

Moscow, the capital and largest city of Russia, is a vibrant and dynamic metropolis. Its skyline is adorned with tall historic buildings, each exhibiting a unique blend of colors and architectural styles. Moscow holds great political significance on the global stage, having been the capital of Muscovy in the late thirteenth century and currently housing the Kremlin, where the president and the country’s national treasures are situated. Visitors can explore Lenin’s Mausoleum and marvel at the extensive collection of the State Historical Museum. The world-renowned St. Basil’s Cathedral stands as a breathtaking monument. Moscow also served as the capital of the Soviet Union until the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

GEOG 1001 Week 3 Global Travel Film St. Petersburg, Russia

Situated on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg is a captivating port city that was founded by Peter the Great and has become a popular tourist destination in Russia. The city showcases a blend of Western European and Russian architectural influences. Along its picturesque waterfront, numerous structures thrive, supported by rivers and bridges. The Kazan Cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan, took a decade to construct and draws inspiration from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It serves as a remarkable showcase of architectural splendor and is one of the city’s prime locations for political events. St. Petersburg’s streets are adorned with music halls and renowned museums. The city holds a prominent position in Russia’s film industry and hosts the annual Kino Expo International Convention for Russian cinema at its waterfront exposition center.

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