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You do not have to worry about the quality of your paper as long as it written the American writers from custom writing services. In a bid to ensure the quality of the articles; we have a team of editors who go through the work for final touches. Once our writers click the submit button, we have an inbuilt Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker at this point to check on any plagiarism. Do you have a written paper and you just want to check for plagiarism? Talk to us, we are at your service.

Instructions to use Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker – Five easy steps

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Step 4 : The experts  will check your work and reply back to your email within 2-3 hours with Full Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Report where you can check all the highlighted areas for duplication and similarity.

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Why use Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker?

Check originality

The main role of an academic paper is to write an original paper. That is what you pay for. You may have all the resources from books and online content. How then do you use the content to come up with new information? This is where you have to look for custom writing services to do the work for you.

We have a team of US-based writers who write the paper from scratch. That is what the Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker detects. At Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker you can see, How unique and creative is your academic paper?
At custom writing services, originality of the paper is our core business. We research, brainstorm, and finally write the paper from this information. There is no way the paper will have plagiarized parts.

Score on free Alternate to turnitin plagiarism checker

Our plagiarism checker not only highlights the copied parts of your paper but also gives you an originality score in form of percentage. Yes, you may have passed the Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker, but a higher percentage translates to poor work in terms of originality. Originality percentage of less than 20 percent is allowed as long as you have put quotations on the specific parts.

In our Alternate to Turnitin report, you will get to see any form of plagiarism. If you want to have the report attached to your submission file; it is your right. Speak to any of our able customer service representative for timely submission.

Poor citations

At Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, The quality of your grade comes from accumulated points from the content, formatting, citation styles and presentation. We have different citation styles each with different formatting methods. Our Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker can detect any mismatch of the citation styles, be it on the references page or the in-text citations. Apart from that, once it highlights the mismatch, it will give you the best option. While you run your paper on our Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker; you have to select the citation style for it to detect any wrong match on the citation.

Matched content

At Free Alternate to  Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, The application will not just tell you that your paper is plagiarized. It will highlight the areas such that you do not have to start the work all over again. You will only work on the highlighted areas. What a good plagiarism program? In addition, it will even give you the original document as a proof of the originality score.

Detects the paper level

The higher the level of education the lower the rate of plagiarism. As you move up the education ladder, things become tighter because you are expected to now become more creative and original in your academic work. You have an option to select the level of education of the paper to give you the best originality score. We have gone a step further to heighten the level because most of the colleges have other plagiarism checkers which override Alternate to Turnitin when it comes to performance.

Have you ever submitted a paper which was plagiarism-free only for your lecturer to turn it down for plagiarism? You have no answers on what could have transpired in between- it is the level of the paper. Our Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker is customized with high standards of detecting originality. Our undergraduate level of originality is equivalent to Masters Level of other plagiarism checkers. Is there possibility that your lecturer will reject your work? – Of course, no!

Detects paraphrase kind of plagiarism with help of free Alternate to turnitin plagiarism checker

Some companies try to use synonyms and paraphrasing to pass plagiarism checkers – not with Alternate to Turnitin. This is a high-level plagiarism checker which will detect such kind of writing. At custom writing services, our writers have to write the paper from scratch with no shortcut type of writing. We do not just write for the sake of writing, we write to produce quality and high-standard papers. Do you now understand why we have to use only American writers?

They are the only writers who can research and produce a paper with the correct type of English.

You do not just write blindly, you have to have an online plagiarism checker to give you a score on the originality score of your paper. Your final paper goes through all these processes to give you a quality paper. Is it not worth the pay rate?

Plagiarism is an offense in the writing industry get help now with Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker. The legal implication is detrimental not only to the company but also to you, the student. Some institutions do not tolerate any form of plagiarism. They just terminate your contract with them. Who loses in the end? At custom writing services, we do not want to be a party to such behavior that is why we have invested in the Alternate to Turnitin plagiarism checker at the point of submission to allow a writer to produce an original paper. You will not receive any academic paper from us with even a single percentage of plagiarism.

How possible is it for a paper to contain plagiarized work?
In academic writing, you have to quote people’s publications. The only challenge is, if you fail to quote. Alternate to Turnitin is a technology-based application which might pick words which follow each other even if it is a preposition. You might lack the time to run the paper on any other plagiarism checkers. Why then do you pay us? – To do a complete paper for you? When you choose to check plagiarism it is for your own pleasure, otherwise, we give you an original academic paper. USE Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker Today!

Custom writing services is the ultimate solution for a unique academic paper & Free Alternate to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker.

Try us and SEE the DIFFERENCE yourself.

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