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Facts on Brick and Click

The present sales transactions in US from e-commerce interpret to 20pc and the revenue generated from it is about 7pc, an annual increase of 10pc in its market share has been observed and has gained revenue of $1.2tn in 2013. Although, offline stores still have their grip in the market, but with the technological advancement and less time, people prefer shopping mechanism which they can use anywhere anytime. Overall benefits of brick and click stores are as follows (Big commerce, 2017):

Facts on Brick and Click

  • The ability to touch and try the product by hand makes customer more satisfy with the quality as per their requirement.
  • If a customer orders something online, they can go pick the product themselves or can ask the store to deliver it at their home, which gives customers a choice as per their preferences.
  • As click stores make their apps which are easy to access at mobile phones, customers can easily browse through products in their spare time by just clicking on their phones.
  • Returns and exchanges can be made by customers in person at the stores which saves a lot of time and money as in if they return is through shipping.
  • Brick and mortar stores can develop new multichannel within existing resources.
  • Stores which are physically visited by customers seem more reliable to them for online shopping as compare to those which they have not visited (Big commerce, 2017).

Facts on Brick and Click

The selling opportunities should not be limited to the online and offline stores but the company should also utilize the social platforms to boost their sales with the help of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, where the purchase of an item is a click away from them making it more comfortable and less hassle for the customers in their buying experience (Big commerce, 2017). Amazon, EBay and Newegg are some marketplaces which provide opportunities to the businesses such as offering them shelf places to advertise their products on these platforms to boost sale of the company products and in turn these market places charge the brand some share from the product sold. As it’s an increasing trend to sell products on the web, a number of products with multiple quality standards are being advertised by manufacturers of different sort. In order to help consumers in deciding which product is better in quality, pricing, shipping etc. there are certain platforms which help them in comparing these aspects such as Shopzilla, eBay, shopping.com and Google Shopping (Big commerce, 2017).

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