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ENG FPX 1250 Assessment 1 Attempt 1 Comparison and Contrast of Report Types

Comparison and Contrast of Report Types

Directions: Use this template to complete Assessment 1, Comparison and Contrast of Report Types. 

Section 1: Comparison and Contrast Chart of Report Types



Informative Reports

Persuasive Report


An informative report is geared to inform the audience with specific and relevant facts that do not include opinions or emotions or try to sway the reader (LinkedIn, 2021). 

The purpose of a persuasion report is to attempt to convince or move readers into agreeing toward a particular view or opinion. It can also be an argumentative paper, an idea supported and explained in a positive way by evidence (Kinonen et al., 2021). 


Informative reports are designed towards business, company, or management staff.

A persuasive report is generally presented to consumer audiences to gain the outcome the author is attempting.


Informative reports should be factual, which will help the decision-making process, and not incorporate personal opinions. Therefore, this report will not include any persuasive or argumentative attempts.

Persuasion writing is based on opinions and includes emotions from the author. The author attempts to show them their way is the best way.


Informative reports are formal; introduction or opening statement, followed by the body and ends with the conclusion or facts presented (Study, 2022).

A persuasive report will include the introduction and the facts about the topic or argument refuting the other side, followed by a conclusion. 


The style of an informative report will have credible sources and factual evidence presented that explains the topic (writers-house, n.d.). 

A persuasive report is usually written in an aggressive style. Some writers will use short or long complex sentences, while others may challenge grammar rules. Some writers use formal style writing, while others choose slang with a conversational tone (Study, 2022). 

Writing conventions

An informative report should be objective, factual, and unbiased. 

The persuasive report is to have the reader or audience agree with the author or presenters’ opinion or viewpoint (Study, 2022). 

Other names by which this type of report is known

There are three other names an informative report is known by: explanatory, expository or exposition writing (twinkl, n.d.)

Persuasive writing is also known as argumentative writing (Kinonen et al., 2021).


Section 2: Explain the Uses of Informative and Persuasive Reports

Use the comparison and contrast chart you completed above to explain the uses of each report type. Include research from the Capella library or Internet and examples to support your writing. Use the General Education Information Research Skills Library Guide to help your research. 

ENG FPX 1250 Assessment 1 Comparison and Contrast of Report Types

When to Use the Informative Report:

An informative report presents factual, objective, and unbiased viewpoints. This type of report could be used for business or educational essays or business or research papers without sharing the author’s opinion or emotions or trying to sway the reader.

When to Use the Persuasive Report:

The persuasive report should be used for politics, critiques, commercials, or speeches. The intent is to sway the audience to the author’s or presenter’s opinion or viewpoint. Persuasive reports could also be used during election years to discredit the opposing party from becoming elected. 


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ENG FPX 1250 Assessment 1 Comparison and Contrast of Report Types

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