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COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

Reflection is a complex process that applies to individuals at any stage of life. Personally, I choose not to dwell on my past experiences. While some may argue that it’s important to see personal growth, I believe that what truly matters is the present moment. Yesterday is unchangeable, and tomorrow is uncertain, so the decisions made today hold the most significance. However, I acknowledge that this approach can be challenging as I disregard my own growth.

During my academic journey, I encountered a particular challenge when reviewing course materials, engaging in discussions, and completing assignments. Each professor had their own grading criteria, resulting in inconsistent evaluations. In one instance, an interim professor deducted points based on their personal opinion, which I disagreed with.

Fortunately, this did not significantly impact my overall grade point average, as I was performing well in other areas. Nevertheless, it remains disheartening to see a lower percentage grade due to subjective factors. 

While some professors provide comprehensive feedback throughout the course, others simply award a perfect score without detailed comments. Although receiving a perfect grade is gratifying, constructive feedback on different aspects of the work would be invaluable.

COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

I encountered another situation in one of my classes where the professor expected weekly updates and progress on our projects. Having completed my research, I sought clarification on how to proceed with the final project so I could make progress and earn a satisfactory grade for the week. 

Unfortunately, the professor did not address my question directly and simply mentioned that the information I needed would be provided in the following week’s announcement. Since I had already completed my research and only needed clarification for the project assembly, I was unable to make any progress without the necessary information. As a result, I received a significantly reduced grade of fifty percent.

When I approached the professor to inquire about the lack of guidance and support, I did not receive a response. I ended up submitting an incomplete final project due to unanswered questions, yet surprisingly, I was awarded a perfect score

One of the positive aspects of my class experiences has been observing the progress and growth of familiar classmates throughout the three courses. Their professional tone and increased level of professionalism in their responses indicate their development.

COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

However, I have found that personal and professional experiences in the classes have been lacking. It seems that certain topics, such as diversity, are consistently forced upon us without considering the relevance to my specific profession. While I expected the Honors Pathway course to broaden my perspective and provide valuable knowledge, I have often felt overwhelmed and as if certain ideas were being imposed on me.

Throughout my paper on “What makes a good manager?”, I sought to gather insights directly from individuals rather than relying solely on books. I refined my question multiple times in the first class, aiming to frame it in a way that would benefit me the most. Ultimately, I learned that employees value being heard and recognized, desiring a sense of growth within the company.

In our small business, we maintain connections with about ninety percent of former employees, often engaging in ongoing relationships. Some have become close friends, others provide consultation in their respective fields. As a manager, I aspire to foster such connections and support our employees’ needs until we transition to a more automated system in the future.

COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

Instead of relying on library resources, I sought firsthand knowledge from individuals currently engaged with managers to explore what makes a good manager. One notable finding was that while managers themselves often doubted their performance, employees truly appreciated and supported them within the company. Reflecting on my personal experiences as a manager, I recall a favorite manager from my previous job.

During the interview, I discussed my daughter’s medical issues, emphasizing my commitment to work despite occasional doctor’s appointments. When my daughter fell seriously ill and required a week-long hospital stay, I arranged for her care during the day and made up my work hours by starting early and skipping lunch breaks. 

While my manager demonstrated incredible flexibility and understanding, the owners held a different perspective, questioning my absence despite my consistent attendance. Despite this, my manager remained supportive and we have maintained contact to this day, always accommodating my daughter’s medical needs whenever I had to be away.

COM H4005 Week 2 Reflection

In another experience, I encountered, one of the company owners, who was also a manager, exhibited verbally abusive behavior toward all employees. His constant belittlement and derogatory language created a hostile work environment. The tipping point occurred when he directed an offensive remark at me after experiencing a faxing issue at a gas station.

In response, I decided to take an early lunch break and informed two co-workers that I was leaving and would not return. Upon returning to the main office, I promptly informed the human resources manager that I was resigning without providing a two-week notice due to the ongoing verbal abuse. The company requested that I sign an agreement not to discuss them or my employment, but I chose not to sign it.

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