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COM 1150 Week 9 Digital Tools

Office 365 is often associated with popular applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but it offers a range of other valuable tools to its users. Among these, one of my personal favorites is Microsoft Planner. 

This application provides a platform for creating tasks, tracking their progress, and collaborating with others. It enables individuals to organize their own tasks and view the tasks assigned to their team members, making it particularly useful for remote work situations where everyone needs to stay on track.

COM 1150 Week 9 Digital Tools

For those interested in learning more about Microsoft Planner, there are helpful resources available. Microsoft provides a link to a collection of videos that serve as a quick start guide, offering insights on what to include in your Planner, how to use it effectively, and where to find additional assistance. 

This centralized source of information saves time by consolidating essential learning materials in one place, directly from the Microsoft website itself, which is a reliable and credible source. The link to access the video training is 


COM 1150 Week 9 Digital Tools

Despite efforts to stay organized and productive, life can still become overwhelming and stressful, especially for individuals dealing with anxiety. In my own experience, I have found meditation to be a valuable and calming relief. One particular application that has been beneficial is Calm. 

Upon starting Calm, users have the option to take a quiz that helps the app understand their current mental state, followed by a free trial period and subsequent monthly subscription. Calm provides a variety of meditation options to choose from, such as the “seven days of Calm” series, which serves as a great introductory program. Personally, I now listen to the daily Calm sessions, setting aside around ten minutes, usually during breakfast, to engage in this practice.

COM 1150 Week 9 Digital Tools

When searching for a credible resource to assist with managing anxiety, the support page on the Calm website proved to be helpful. It offers insights into the company’s background, the research behind its approach, the benefits of meditation, and guidance on getting started with Calm. 

All the relevant information is conveniently compiled in one place, making it easy to understand the numerous benefits offered by the company. As this information is directly sourced from the official Calm website, it can be considered a reliable and credible resource. The link to access the support page is 


In conclusion, both the Calm meditation app and Microsoft Planner have become integral parts of my daily life. I plan to continue using these applications to manage my anxiety effectively while maintaining high productivity and gaining a clear overview of my tasks and goals. COM 1150 Week 9 Digital Tools

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