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BUS 4068 Unit 5 Assignment 2 Interviewing Methods for Evidence Gathering


As a component of the groundwork for acquainting with the principal suspect before his meeting, i.e., Johnie, the extortion examiner, should be knowledgeable about his workforce record, including subtleties like his:

Date of joining. His current and previous job roles’ functions and responsibilities. He received monetary and non-monetary compensation and a comparison to industry standards. Trend of growth Missed advancements were inciting sharpness (if any). The employee’s financial situation, including debt. Age, marital status, the standard of living (whether or not they are living beyond their means), and reputation within the organization and among peers are all factors to consider.


Typically, non-suspects are asked three questions: introductory in nature, information-seeking, and question-and-answer-based. The reason for posing finishing up and unassuming inquiries is to acquire new or extra data. 

Bus 4068 Unit 5 Assignment 2 Interviewing Methods for Evidence Gathering

This may bring further useful, pertinent information they may have omitted in their responses to the interviewer. Coworkers are frequently aware of process inconsistencies if not the actual fraud, and even the tiniest clues are crucial in a fraud investigation. In the given case, the above technique might be taken on to ask unconditional, general, and indisputable inquiries to Donna and Alen about their relationship with Johnie. 

Culture and interaction with other purchasing department members, their performance evaluation process, the department’s Standard Operating Procedures and any deviations from them, any unusual transactions, events, or behaviors they may have observed, etc.


Johnie’s interview preparation will include looking over and evaluating the following documents:

Faculty documents of Johnie as well as his colleagues. The Johnie CV. If it’s available, the report from the background check at the time of hiring. Organization’s Standard Working Method in the obtainment office. 

Bus 4068 Unit 5 Assignment 2 Interviewing Methods for Evidence Gathering

IT and Information Security measures, overriding controls, and in place internal controls The organization’s employee hierarchy, particularly in Johnie’s department. The powers, duties, and responsibilities of every employee in the purchasing department. Johnie’s activities on social media sites.

Interviewing techniques for gathering evidence Public records like real estate and court records, UCC filings, Audit of the Undertaking Asset The board (ERP) or bookkeeping framework. Survey the past monetary records, including the assertion of benefit and misfortune, Articulation of financial position, Explanation of Incomes, and so forth. The company’s bank statements and payroll records

Regardless of their level of direct awareness of the fraud, most small or medium-sized business coworkers are generally aware of at least some aspects of it, if not personally involved. Since the buying office time is usually little and Johnie straightforwardly administers them, they may be conscious of numerous perplexing insights regarding Johnie. 

Including his habits, patterns of behavior, thinking style, incentives, workplace dissatisfaction, social life, family pressures, financial situation, and other factors, because of their regular interactions with him daily. Understanding Johnie, the principal suspect, and the nature of fraud itself will benefit from this information.


  1. Victoria should request a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure from management. She must determine who is accountable if management directives do not follow the SOP. She knows whether everyone is complicit or not because of this.
  2. The purchases, inventory, and sales accounting records are the evidence Victoria should consider using to see if her suspicions about “Easy” are true. These three general ledgers will demonstrate that the business is moving in the right direction. Even though inventory turnover and purchases are high, receivables collection does not coincide with anticipated sales. There is a more prominent likelihood that deals should be recorded as expected.

    Bus 4068 Unit 5 Assignment 2 Interviewing Methods for Evidence Gathering

Intrigue between the bookkeeper, gathering, and salesman, and it is obvious to advertise individual. Furthermore, Easy’s primary responsibility is to ensure that SOP has always been in place because she is the manager. Even though Edsel has handled the collection and billing, Easy can still monitor things. 

She must establish a rule requiring approval before a document or inventory leaves the property. Since the company is small and still attempting to establish itself in the market, Easy must be available for everything. It is much more direct if Simple embraces bookkeeping programming to get to the record from a distance. By then, she knows the inventory, sales, and collection developments.

Easy can check to see if the deadline for collecting receivables has been met. She can also easily see the turnover of the company’s inventory, the prices of the goods it typically purchases, the suppliers’ names, credit terms, and the limit they gave to Go Fast & Play Hard. 

Besides that, Simple can likewise screen the smash hit and quick merchandise to boost the potential for the organization’s deals and stop the things that are not performing well. Easy is responsible and accountable for the business’s outcome as a manager. As a result, to keep the company from going out of business, she needs to be able to set up internal control from the beginning. Bus 4068 Unit 5 Assignment 2 Interviewing Methods for Evidence Gathering

  1. Indeed, she ought to meet with Theresa, Andre, and Patrick to verify that their obligations, delegated to them by the organization, have been finished and as per the organization’s standard working strategies.
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