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Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 2 Evidence Collection


The instance shows how personalities and politics can affect a real-world situation. Even though she is the subject of the investigation, Barbara believes Martin stole $400,000. To make matters worse, she needs to think about the possibility that she will take most of the blame and act as Martin’s convenient scapegoat. 

Martin could be promoted, she could be fired, and he could keep the $400,000 he stole. From a procedural standpoint, the research began without considering the book’s steps. More detestable, Martin can lead the request when he ought to be viewed as a suspect. It should not be allowed for suspects to design or conduct investigations.

Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 2 Evidence Collection

When Barbara suspected embezzlement, she should have immediately sent a memo to the CEO. If she had named Martin, a possible suspect, she might have been given a better chance of getting an impartial investigation. However, she could have been a victim even if she had done so. Fairness is only sometimes the most important thing. 

The company requires a well-organized method for reporting and examining alleged fraud. In such a system, independent investigations should be conducted by an outside independent investigator or directly by the CEO, corporation attorney, or board of directors.


This case is a great example of how ethical issues can arise throughout an investigation. Even though cops may and do deceive suspects, the creators accept that doing is not to the greatest advantage of the bookkeeping calling as well. Additionally, several regulations protect police officers from lawsuits; If accountants do not have the same legal protections as police officers, they could be sued if they lie to suspects. 

Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 2 Evidence Collection

If Sam decides to proceed with his feign, Gabriela should quickly separate from the commitment. In addition, it is highly unlikely that Sam will ever require her assistance in the first place if the deception succeeds; Joanna, the external lawyer, may record an admission.

In this case, an obvious flaw is that interviews with employees were conducted before other types of evidence were gathered. The suspect may be able to prepare a counter-story by anticipating the questions she will be asked during such interviews. Before directing any meetings, it would have been reasonable to play out a quiet evaluation of the physical and narrative proof.

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