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BUS 3040 Unit 3 Assignment 1 SAP's Inclusive Approach to Recruiting

What recruiting methods described in the case supported SAP’s need for talented workers who help the company innovate?

SAP recognizes the importance of attracting talented workers who can contribute to the company’s innovative efforts. One of the recruiting methods they employ is the creation of an employment brand menu, offering a range of services to enhance their employment branding. 

They have established an internal social and digital marketing creative agency dedicated to attracting the best talent. Expanding their offerings beyond what is typically free provides an impressive selection of services to potential employees. This approach allows SAP to position itself as an attractive employer and build a strong employer brand.

In what ways can the creation of an employment brand menu enhance SAP’s recruitment efforts?

SAP can showcase its services and benefits to potential employees by creating an employment brand menu. It allows them to go beyond the standard recruitment offerings and provide a unique and enticing package to attract top talent. This strategy helps SAP stand out from competitors and positions the company as a desirable employer. This comprehensive approach demonstrates SAP’s commitment to meeting its workforce’s diverse needs and preferences.

Additionally, SAP’s focus on social and digital marketing through its internal creative agency enables them to leverage modern communication channels to reach a wider audience. Using social media platforms, targeted advertising, and engaging content, SAP can effectively get and connect with potential candidates who align with their innovative culture and values. This approach ensures that SAP’s recruitment efforts are visible, engaging, and accessible to the right talent. BUS 3040 Unit 3 Assignment 1 SAP’s Inclusive Approach to Recruiting.

How does SAP’s emphasis on competitive pricing and exceptional customer service contribute to its recruitment strategy?

SAP recognizes that competitive pricing and exceptional customer service are crucial for success. These factors also play a role in attracting and retaining talented employees. By offering its products or services at a competitive rate compared to competitors, SAP demonstrates its ability to thrive in the market and generate revenue. This financial stability allows SAP to invest in its workforce and create professional growth and development opportunities.

Moreover, SAP’s commitment to superior customer service exceeds its external customers. They understand that cultivating a positive work environment and supporting their employees’ needs are essential for attracting and retaining top talent. By investing in knowledge, expertise, and big data; SAP ensures that customer service is unmatched. A positive employer brand attracts people seeking a supportive work environment by prioritizing employee satisfaction.

How does SAP’s recruitment strategy involving individuals with Autism contribute to their innovation efforts?

SAP’s employment brand team collaborates with global sourcing to identify potential candidates with Autism. While these individuals may only sometimes interview well or conform to traditional hiring standards, SAP recognizes their unique strengths, such as attention to detail and intelligence.  BUS 3040 Unit 3 Assignment 1 SAP’s Inclusive Approach to Recruiting

By tapping into this untapped talent pool, SAP expands its diversity and inclusion efforts and gains access to competent individuals who can contribute to the company’s innovation initiatives. This unconventional recruitment strategy allows SAP to think outside the box and explore new avenues for talent acquisition.

Suggest at least one other recruiting method that would help SAP remain a robust and innovative company.

To further strengthen its recruitment efforts, SAP could consider adopting a strategy similar to that of Boeing. Boeing engages with colleges and universities, targeting aspiring engineers during their senior years. They offer facility tours to assess fit and gauge interest in a career at Boeing. By recruiting at this stage, Boeing can selectively choose graduates to join their development programs, shaping the talent pipeline for their product development.

How can SAP benefit from implementing a similar recruitment strategy to Boeing’s?

Implementing a recruitment strategy similar to Boeing’s would allow SAP to proactively identify and engage with talented individuals early in their academic journey. By establishing relationships with colleges and universities, SAP can create a strong presence and attract top-tier talent while students are still in their senior years. This approach provides an

 Opportunity for SAP to assess potential candidates’ skills, interests, and alignment with the company’s culture and values. It also allows SAP to nurture these relationships, providing guidance and support as students progress in their studies.

BUS 3040 Unit 3 Assignment 1 SAP’s Inclusive Approach to Recruiting

SAP could collaborate with educational institutions to shape the curriculum and align education and training with the company’s needs, saving on training costs and preparing graduates for the workforce.

SAP should consider hiring fresh graduates in addition to individuals with Autism. With necessary training and mentorship, this approach can bridge gaps in leadership and produce a diverse talent pool for the company. It will also bring many skills, experiences, and perspectives to strengthen SAP’s workforce.


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