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BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate 

Media and the Internet are the core sources of mass communication and representation of data and information. The quality of the information in media and the Internet is often considered forged by researchers relating to healthcare information (Oxman et al., 2022). People from various sources acquire health information, including medical experts, insurance and pharmaceutical firms, relatives and friends, the media, educational materials, marketing, and the Internet, including social media. Recently, more Americans have turned to the Internet for health and medical information.

BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

Now, roughly three out of four Americans and similar percentages of Europeans search for health information online. Unfortunately, it is possible to find high-quality and low-quality health information online, and few social media sites distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources (Kington et al., 2021).

The myth discussed over the Internet still needs to be clarified: whether only exercise is required to lose weight. The argument is further expressed as that you can eat whatever you want but exercise rigorously to lose weight. In this assessment, I will look into the accuracy of the data on the Internet regarding healthcare and the common myths that need to be ignored. 

Choosing the Methods of Counteracting Health Information

I have selected the article titled “Effect of exercise training on weight loss, body composition changes, and weight maintenance in adults with overweight or obesity: An overview of 12 systematic reviews and 149 studies” in order to support the argument. This article is related to the topic I’ve picked. This research investigates how exercise training programs impact body composition, weight loss, and the maintenance of healthy body weight in individuals who are overweight or have obesity. Moreover, the results conducted by the study show the benefits of exercise training on weight loss and changes in body composition in persons who are overweight or obese. Reducing visceral fat could positively affect cardiometabolic health (Bellicha et al., 2021). 

The Credibility of the Chosen Article Using the Media Misinformation Source

The chosen article is checked according to the credibility list and evaluated according to the sources checklist provided. Research papers and publications that contain .gov or .org pass the CRAAP test and indicate that they are credible to be quoted and have been through proper research.  The study was peer-reviewed by experts in the field. Furthermore, it is written by trustworthy authors from organizations trusted in France. Credibility evaluation is an essential skill when choosing an article. In addition, the chosen article was Published online on  May 6, 2021 and is cited by 24 articles as per the search results from PMID, with almost 80 percent of the articles being free PMC articles.

Media or Internet Topic

MyFitness Pal is an app, but the company often writes blogs and has a published functioning application available on the Play Store and Appstore. Although the app has shown various benefits, the blog on the Internet is not verified, and the author of the web article is just a freelance writer. In addition, the website claims different resources and references that have referenced the research are well quoted in the in-text citation, but the webpage still lacks a separate references section.  The web article is considered accurate per the research performed, and the author has been reviewed positively on Linkedin. 

Learning from the Selected Topic

According to my research, I have learned that only exercise is insufficient to lose weight. A person should be on an optimized caloric deficit diet and exercise to lose weight effectively. Physical activity or exercise can help a person stay active and will help in get out of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, Brandt and Pedersen (2022) have described exercise alone as an inadequate strategy for losing weight. Moreover, it is mentioned that physical activity can help maintain weight but won’t be a good approach to losing weight. 

BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

Symptoms or Prevention Methods

The topic taken is related to weight loss only with exercise. So it is perceived that the symptoms and prevention should be done while only exercising to lose weight. Weight loss is a tardy and time-consuming process that requires efforts in different lifestyle categories. It requires motivation, time, energy, and willpower. The disadvantage of only exercising to lose weight can be prevented by taking a caloric deficit diet and the exercise. A healthy diet should be taken that is modified as per the needs of the individual. In addition, the symptoms of obesity are weight gain and feeling lethargic, which can lead to other weight-related problems such as Diabetes, respiratory issues, and cardiac issues (Brandt & Pedersen, 2022).

Accuracy of the Determined Topic

In closing, the credibility of the article selected was checked using the CRAAP test. The CRAAP model was described using the credibility test in the list provided. The authors of the article are from a reliable source in France. I relied on the article as it is peer-reviewed and has been cited in more than 20 articles within one and a half years. As of recently, the corresponding author has published more than ten articles as of today.  


Bellicha, A., Baak, M. A., Battista, F., Beaulieu, K., Blundell, J. E., Busetto, L., Carraça, E. V., Dicker, D., Encantado, J., Ermolao, A., Farpour‐Lambert, N., Pramono, A., Woodward, E., & Oppert, J. (2021). Effect of exercise training on weight loss, body composition changes, and weight maintenance in adults with overweight or obesity: An overview of 12 systematic reviews and 149 studies. Obesity Reviews, https://doi.org/10.1111/obr.13256 

Brandt, C., & Pedersen, B. K. (2022). Physical activity, obesity and weight loss maintenance. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. https://doi.org/10.1007/164_2021_575 

BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

Kington, R. S., Arnesen, S., Chou, W.-Y. S., Curry, S. J., Lazer, D., & Villarruel, A. M. (2021). Identifying credible sources of health information in social media: Principles and attributes. NAM Perspectives, 2021. https://doi.org/10.31478/202107a 

Oxman, M., Larun, L., Pérez Gaxiola, G., Alsaid, D., Qasim, A., Rose, C. J., Bischoff, K., & Oxman, A. D. (2022). Quality of information in news media reports about the effects of health interventions: Systematic review and meta-analyses. F1000Research, 10, 433. https://doi.org/10.12688/f1000research.52894.2 


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