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BIO 220 Topic 6 Assessment Description

Assessment Description

Elect a public monument. How has it been affected by riding? Be sure to specify the type of riding it’s exposed to. Lady Liberty is one of the most prominent public monuments harmed by riding. The natural weathering formerly turned a bright- candescent bobby structure into the green color we see moment (Baker, 2022). The natural color in Lady Liberty is “air”(Baker, 2022).

BIO 220 Topic 6 Assessment Description

Bobby’s Consistence

The frame weighs 125 tons, the weight of the bobb is 31 tons, the foundation weighs pounds, and the bobby’s consistence is of two pennies placed together (National Park Service, 2021). It took over 100 times of riding, from wind to rush, to turn what formerly was a bright candescent bobb monument into the green air we’ve moment.

BIO 220 Topic 6 Assessment Description


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