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BIO 220 Topic 4 Assessment Description

Assessment Description

Super weeds are shops having a high resistance to different dressings. How do super weeds grow? Do GMOs impact the growth of super weeds? Why or why not? Super weed also known as “resistance pesticide weeds (inheritable knowledge design, 2023). Historically, growers employed a variety of fungicides and dressings to kill insects, undesirable shops, and meadows to cover their shops of interest from insects.

BIO 220 Topic 4 Assessment Description


They make it a habit to spot germicides and dressings, which causes weeds to repel the chemicals and, as a result, super weeds flourish. GMOs affect the elaboration of super weeds because, to increase product, growers began exercising GMO crops. GMOs, also called Genetically Modified Organisms, are used in 80 percent of reused food in the United States (Rush, 2013). GMOs alter the DNA of shops and creatures.

BIO 220 Topic 4 Assessment Description


 inheritable knowledge design.( 2023). What are” Superweeds”? recaptured April 12th, 2023.


Ruths,B.( 2013). Update GMOs in Foods. Environmental Nutrition, 36( 2), 1 – 6.

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