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BIO 220 Topic 3 Assessment Description

Assessment Description

Identify any unusual environmental problems (for illustration heavy essence due to mining, water pollution due to husbandry or assiduity) in your neighborhood and exploration possible health goods of implicit environmental hazards in the area. Who’s at threat, what’s the environmental hazard, where does this hazard come from and what health problems caused by the contaminant? Before you get started, review the language.

BIO 220 Topic 3 Assessment Description


Environmental Hazard commodity (chemical, physical or microbiological) with the eventuality to beget detriment; still, it doesn’t always put you at threat.


The combination of the probability or frequence of circumstance of the linked hazard and the magnitude of the consequences of the circumstance. Threat assessment threat assessment is the process of estimating the implicit impact of a chemical, physical, or microbiological hazard on a specified mortal population or ecological system under a specific set of conditions and for a certain time frame. I live in Dimmitt, Texas, a small pastoral city in Texas Panhandle. The climate and rainfall change drastically then, causing different environmental hazards. Natural or environmental hazards in this area are severe famines, climate change, backfires, tornadoes, and flooding; recently, we have had dust storms (Amarillo.gov, 2018).

These most recent dust storms are touched off by 60-70 mph wind gusts and a lack of rush. The threat or damage caused by severe famines and high winds is the trouble for backfires to break out in any county of the Texas Panhandle. The threat assessment or trouble of a campfire where I live presently is at the color red which is the loftiest it can be( Texas A&M Forest Services, 2023). Backfires then in the Texas Panhandle cost millions and millions of bonesin damage to cropland, homes, loss of ranch creatures, and indeed in rare cases, death.

BIO 220 Topic 3 Assessment Description


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