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BHS 465 Topic 4 DQ 2

In order to navigate my professional journey effectively, it is essential for me to adhere to practice guidelines and maintain discipline. Discipline plays a crucial role in ensuring that we uphold the rules and practices we have learned. Without discipline, we risk falling short in various areas of our work.

BHS 465 Topic 4 DQ 2

It is through a steadfast commitment to discipline that we can develop the necessary techniques, knowledge, attitude, and professional demeanor to excel in our tasks. Practice guidelines have been designed to provide actionable strategies that strike a balance between pragmatism and rigorous development (ACA, 2021).

They serve as a blueprint for achieving performance improvement and serve as a starting point for our professional growth. These guidelines are crafted based on the collective wisdom and expertise of experienced professionals and methodologists, offering logical evidence for specific subjects, situations, or teams.

As I embark on my career, I will wholeheartedly embrace these guidelines while never losing sight of the importance of discipline. Both discipline and the guidelines should be intertwined, just like oxygen and carbon dioxide; they are inseparable. By embracing both, I can navigate my professional journey with integrity and effectiveness. BHS 465 Topic 4 DQ 2


American Counseling Association (2021). Code of ethics. Ethical & Professional Standards


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