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BHS 465 Topic 3 Direct Treatment

Direct Treatment

Considering my future employment, I’m really interested in direct treatment rather than forestallment. I understand that direct treatment and forestallment are of equal significance, but after you treat notoriety, you can help them learn how to help their situation from passing again. This will help them manage, learn and develop new chops in order to help any possible internal illness that might come to their lives from any variable or situation.

I don’t disregard forestallment; forestallment is really important and necessary in the lives of everybody. When we’ve forestallment ways, chops, and capacities week in be apprehensive and more defended so that we do not have to take any treatment because we formerly have the tools to help ourselves and others around us. As we all know, counselors are there to promote the weal of the customer, either if it’s treatment or forestallment, depending on the situation or condition that the case comes in alternate treatment.

BHS 465 Topic 3 Direct Treatment

‘Counselors and guests regularly review and revise comforting plans to assess their continued viability and effectiveness, esteeming guests’ freedom of choice” (BarbaraH., 2016). The case director works to put a community in a long-term case backing dealing with the bureaucracy of agencies and departments, and this means that the case director Normal functions and duties in order to help the patient access and grease the process of meeting a therapist that meets the requirements of the case (Lamb Hr. 1980).

“Case directors tend to concentrate on helping their guests with practical issues, similar as chancing original services and coffers to help them overcome a hedge, similar as a medical condition or a legal issue” ( Psychologist academy companion, 2020). “Counselors must have at least a master’s degree and, in some cases, a doctorate” (Psychologist academy companion, 2020).

BHS 465 Topic 3 Direct Treatment

This means that the therapist (counselors) focus on social, emotional, cerebral, and behavioral life factors that will reduce a person’s quality of life, differing this from a case director, which he’s not good or trained to work in these areas. ( Psychologist academy companion, 2020).


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