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BHS 440 Topic 4 Community Intervention Case Scenario


It’s essential to duly respond to the requirements of scholars and staff. Later, the unforeseen loss impacted their terrain. As an academy counselor, the responsibility to address similar events, coordinate community coffers, and develop an intervention plan that promotes short-term and long-term mending are the primary liabilities under these circumstances.

Addressing the Event

Upon faculty and scholars coming to the academy to hear the news on Monday that an educator failed in a vehicle accident over the weekend, there are several ways in which to address the traumatic event. This would begin with duly vindicating the death and determining what information the family is willing to expose (NCSCB, 2021). Next, addressing similar losses with the academy staff should follow. This would give preceptors the occasion to ask questions and prepare themselves before notifying their class, allowing for backing in the announcement or an indispensable person to step in (NCSCB, 2021).

BHS 440 Topic 4 Community Intervention Case Scenario

Preceptors should inform their scholars of similar losses with a set statement. This should be delivered in small, naturally being groups; the use of advertisement systems or large assemblies should be avoided ( NCSCB, 2021). The assessment of the event should also include information and ways to pierce internal health and support services. NCSCB also states that parents of the scholars should also be notified through the distribution of a letter with the same set statement and available services.

Community coffers

Three community coffers that will be the most salutary to include are counseling for both individual and group settings, training or mentoring services for scholars, and increased community social events. The thing of these comforting services is to allow the expression of feelings and studies in safe and non-judgmental terrain, help scholars deal with delicate passions, and overall manage similar losses ( NCSCB, 2021). Such an unforeseen loss can have a negative impact on scholars’ attendance and literacy at the academy.

BHS 440 Topic 4 Community Intervention Case Scenario

For this reason, by exercising community coffers similar to training or mentoring services, scholars can have stability, support, and structure in the face of academic challenges and further. Increased social events will help support mending and connection as well as counter the symptoms of community and individual trauma (Pinderhughes et al., 2015). These community coffers will each promote mending.

Intervention Plan

There’s no timeline for how long it’ll take to acclimate to loss. With this being stated, both short and long-term clinical and community strategies should be included in an intervention plan. Short-term treatment planning addresses the causes of immediate suffering. Treatment strategies following an extremity may include extremity assessment, promoting safety, and the customer’s readiness to change (Pinderhughes et al., 2015). Crisis assessment and promoting safety in these circumstances can mean generating and following guidelines to identify and help scholars who may be at threat of emotional torture.

BHS 440 Topic 4 Community Intervention Case Scenario

Comforting and training and tutor services should be offered as short-term coffers at the academy and as a long-term community resource as well. Numerous children profit from probative services that can be handed in an academy setting; scholars managing after the loss of their schoolteacher can be covered over time, and referrals for clinical services can be eased as demanded (NCSCB, 2021). Short-term and long-term intervention plans are reliant on the academy terrain and community.

As similar sufficient plans should be made to save its well- being Well- informed preceptors and academy labor force can be a source of support for scholars; they’re the foremost identifier of torture or diurnal behavioral changes. Education for academy staff on penalties and the requirements of those affected can immensely help insure positive issues.


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