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BHS 320 Topic 1 Ethics in Behavioral Health Practice

Ethics in Behavioral Health Practice

When comparing the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers and the American Counseling Association, one can see that they’re the guidelines for keeping licensed counselors responsible in their practice. In this comparison, it’ll be explained if these guidelines are complimentary or inimical to one another. The significance of these laws and canons and how they relate to a case’s sequestration, security, and confidentiality.

Complimentary/ Inimical

The State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers and the American Counseling Association focus on case or customer protection. Both coffers distinctly express that a case’s sequestration, security, and confidentiality are to be handled with the utmost respect and are solely concentrated on what’s in the case’s stylish interests. By comparing the charge statements of these two associations, plainly, these two associations round each other in numerous ways.

BHS 320 Topic 1 Ethics in Behavioral Health Practice

According to the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers, their charge is “To establish and maintain norms of qualifications and performance for certified behavioral health professionals in the fields of comforting, marriage and family remedy, social work, and substance abuse comforting and to regulate the practice of certified behavioral health professionals for protection of the public.” The ACA editors have listed their charge “Promote the professional development of counselors, advocate for the profession, and insure ethical, culturally- inclusive practices that cover those using comforting services.”

They show compliance with each because the American Counseling Association focuses more on the lawfulness. In discrepancy, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers focuses more on professional aspects of care. Therefore, showing they fulfill each other.

State Statues

In reviewing the State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers Rules and Statues, one can see that sequestration, security, and confidentiality are the primary guidelines. This can be seen in the Arizona Law Article 4 section 32- 3283. This section speaks about the nonpublic relationship between the professional and the customer. This covers privileged dispatches, treatment opinions, and guests that bear legal guardians. Section A compares this relationship to an attorney’s (ABBHE, 2018). This is because, like the attorney customer honor, information participated between the parties is nonpublic.

BHS 320 Topic 1 Ethics in Behavioral Health Practice

Section C states that information isn’t participated without the case’s or guardian’s concurrence unless.

  1. To inform a victim or authorities that a customer indicates a clear and imminent peril to one self or others.
  2. It’s needed by law (ABBHE, 2018). Sequestration and security are noted several times throughout the state bills.

Ethical Canons

The ACA also outlines the textbook’s significance of private security and confidentiality. Section B is rigorously devoted to confidentiality and sequestration. CompositionB.1.b. breaks down the Respect for sequestration. They state that counselors will admire the sequestration of current or unborn guests. This means they will only ask for private information when it becomes salutary to the comforting process (American Counseling Association, 2022). CompositionB.1. Covers an esteeming customer’s Rights. SectionB.1.c. discusses respect for confidentiality.

BHS 320 Topic 1 Ethics in Behavioral Health Practice

This states that counselors will cover the nonpublic information of prospective and current guests. Counselors will only expose information with concurrence from the customer or for legal or ethical reasons (American Counseling Association, 2022). CompositionB.3. Information Shared with Others. SectionB.3.c. covers nonpublic settings. This means that a counselor will bandy classified information in settings that can insure confidentiality (American Counseling Association, 2022).


Throughout this comparison, it has been seen that the ACA (American Comforting Association) and the ABBHE (Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Observers) both strive to cover the cases and hold counselors responsible. Both the ACA and the ABBHE set forth to cover both the case’s and the professionals if these canons of ethics and state laws are followed. After seeing how compatible these two associations are, comparing them side by side and how they complete one another. As well as looking at set laws. The ethical law, it has been discovered that the nethermost line in both companies ’ dockets is to give and cover the case’s sequestration, security, and confidentiality.


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