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BHS 240 Topic 3 Leadership Paper


The leader that will be examined in this paper is the character Moana from the animated Disney movie “Moana.” Moana is a veritably audacious youthful woman who sets out on a life hanging charge to save the people of her vill. Moana cruises across the ocean in order to fulfill the ancient hunt of her ancestors. Experimenter Leonard (2017) believes that the description of a leader should include the commitment that the leader has toward achieving their pretensions.

Moana’s commitment is present throughout the movie which is what makes her an exceptional leader for the people of her vill. Not just anybody can make a great leader it takes someone who truly cares about what they do and lives this out from day to day. All great leaders make a continuing impact on those around them, and this is clearly what Moana does to the observers. Experimenter Zaharia( 2016) describes an effective leader as someone who demonstrates high integrity and culture. Moana’s integrity is what eventually sets her piecemeal from everyone differently in the vill. This paper aims to give a comprehensive description of the leader, the group composition, as well as the strengths and weakness of the leader.

BHS 240 Topic 3 Leadership Paper

Leader Description

Although Moana’s father was the chief of the islet, making Moana the coming in line of power, she truly surprises everyone by going out to ocean in expedients of saving her vill. Experimenters Johnson & Johnson (2016) would describe Moana as a great leader because she’s a great illustration of what it means to impact others to work hard to achieve collective pretensions. Moana is a selfless, stalwart, and compassionate existent which means she possesses all of the dominating traits of a strong leader. No bon had to tell Moana to go off and save her vill, yet she knew it was the right thing to do and formerly she made up her mind, no bone was going to be suitable to stop her. Although she’s youthful, she’s wise and devoted to making a change.

Trouble breaks out on the islet and the townies are upset because a deficit in food force occurs, and the areas girding the islet come consumed by ash. Relentlessly, Moana sets out to find the demi- god, Maui, who can help her fix this. Moana is the perfect illustration of what it means to be independent and strong at the same time indeed at such a youthful age. Moana is different from several other main Disney characters who are seen as leaders for colorful reasons. One of those reasons is that she didn’t have any romantic interests and she was not aspiring to marriage throughout the movie; rather she was doing what she had to do all on her own. While being independent, Moana also largely values community so much that she’s willing to risk her own life to save theirs. Her audacious personality fills the movie with excitement and curiosity, making the perfect addition to the plot. Her adventures with Maui show the observers why fellowship is so important indeed for someone who seems suitable to do it fully on their own.

One aspect that truly sets Moana piecemeal from numerous leaders is the fact that she doesn’t act out of violence. rather of being aggressive, Moana shows compassion and empathy to those around her and offers a gentle approach to reach out to people. Moana is veritably observant, picking over on small details in order to understand the situation more. Moana doesn’t need munitions or fists to gets what she wants, which is an incredibly important communication.

BHS 240 Topic 3 Leadership Paper

Group Composition

As stated ahead, when trouble breaks out on the islet, the townies are fearful and do not know what to do. Fortunately, Moana steps up and incontinently wants to find a result. Still, his result involves going beyond the islet’s reef, past what she has grown up around, and further than the eye can see. Moana’s father, Tui, was against the idea because going past the reef is dangerous, as numerous have failed. Moana’s grandmother, Tala, was the only one supporting her conduct and preparing her for the trip. The group could have been more probative, trusting that she was smart enough and develop enough to handle the charge on her own, but they were too concerned. The townies were considered to be a homogenous group in the sense that they were all Polynesian islanders who participated, the same values.

Moana’s mama, Sina, finds Moana before she sneaks off to go save the islet and prepares her for her trip by furnishing her food rather of stopping her. Although her mama is veritably upset at this point, she realizes that it’s the right thing to do and that Moana has what it takes to survive. So, Moana goes off knowing that her mama trusts her, which gives Moana the confidence to save the day. Still, If the group would have been more encouraging and willing to prepare her to leave the island. They would have been a better group. It’s apparent that the people who live on the islet value community and love the islet in which they live on. Since Moana was the son of the islet’s chief she was surely known and loved. Overall, because of their strong community and high values, this was a good group.

BHS 240 Topic 3 Leadership Paper

Leader Strengths And Sins

There are numerous strengths about Moana that can be examined throughout the entire movie. For starters, she’s intrepid. Moana didn’t know what to anticipate beyond that reef, she only knew that the fate of her islet prevaricated in her hands. Moana is also a great representation of what it means to find oneself. Although she knows she was a natural born leader since her father was the chief, she was always seeking for further. When Moana set off to ocean with Maui, her compassion and empathy is brought to the face when she has to “ break down ” Maui’s “ walls ” to allow him to open up and trust her rather of being tough all of the time. Moana is a different type of leader than her father, but she surely fulfills the part of a well- rounded leader and soon to be principal of the islet.

Although Moana is a great representation of a leader, she did have one observable weakness. Moana did appear to be veritably emotionally distant toward her family and the townies. Moana’s grandmother was the only person on the islet that Moana sounded to truly trust and be close to, but unfortunately, she had passed down from a unforeseen illness right before Moana set off to the ocean. Moana’s emotional distance was a downfall of hers because she didn’t let anyone get close to her or be there for her emotionally. generally, one may suppose of a leader as suitable to be vulnerable and admit their miscalculations to those close to them. The only change that could have been made to ameliorate the functioning of the group would have been if Moana would have been more inclusive of the townies with her plans for action. Conceivably also, the group would have been more probative and Moana would have been suitable to open up or to trust to further people on the islet, including her parents.


Experimenter Pidgeon( 2017) has concluded that the main chops that define a leader are confidence, alleviation, commitment, communication, and integrity. Moana possesses all of these traits to some extent. Being a leader can look different for everyone and these traits can also be learned, not only inherited. The confidence and independence that Moana displays throughout the movie is what makes her a great influence on her vill. Another veritably common particularity among great leaders are how authentic they are. During the movie, it’s apparent that Moana isn’t trying to pretend to be anyone differently or live up to anyone differently prospects.

She’s willing to learn and willing to make miscalculations rather than believe she formerly has all the knowledge she needs within her. She’s wise enough to lean on other people for answers similar as her cherished grandmother who provides her with so important strength and wisdom. Although this movie was firstly made for youngish cult, anyone can look at this movie and learn numerous assignments. These assignments can be about how to lead valorously, singly, and/ or with tone- confidence. In this film, Moana displays the idea that being a leader is fully about one’s mindset, not simply a title.


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