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BHS 240 Topic 2 Groups Defined

Groups Defined

There isn’t one definite answer for what a group is. A group can be defined as two or further people gathered. It doesn’t take important to be considered a group. Just you and another can be enough. Is there further that considers you to be a group? “The tendency to join with others in groups is maybe the single most important specific of humans” (Forsyth, 2019). Looking at the world that surrounds us, we see the numerous different types of ways a person could belong to a group. Everyone is a part of further than one group. “Some people’s lists are longer than others, but a list of 40 or further groups would not be unusual” (Forsyth, 2019) While looking at your interests, race, education, career, pursuits, etc., the consummation comes that there are conceivably groups you’re ignorant of that live.

BHS 240 Topic 2 Groups Defined

The types of groups can be resolve into four primaries, social, collaborative and order. Primary groups are family and close musketeers. Social groups are associates or study groups. Collaborative groups are like being a followership or crowd. And orders are effects like gender or race. It’s important to have groups. Anyhow of which type, they’re important. Primary groups matter because having a “lineage” means having people who are piecemeal of your diurnal life. For some, having people close to you is what makes worth their actuality applicable. Social groups are demanded because we must learn how to interact with other people who live in the world.

BHS 240 Topic 2 Groups Defined

Collaborative Groups

Collaborative groups matter because when people like effects, (music, movements, art), enjoying it with others can be salutary. Being piecemeal of commodity with others can be a tutoring and literacy experience. “The tendency to form groups, and also to favor in- group members, has the earmarks of instinct” (Wilson, 2012). Indeed moment, as we take a look around, we see people gathering in groups each over the world.


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