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APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media

APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media

One thing that I notice a lot is when people react to media, like headlines, and immediately respond in a way that either agrees with the claim or rejects it without using their critical thinking skills. This occurs online, on television, and even on the radio in the news. I have a companion that cherishes a morning public broadcast and he frequently transfers his prompt assessment on points, which is bothering. 

He even denies using deductive reasoning when I ask him about the sources that led to his conclusion. Another thing I’ve noticed is that online and offline human behavior is very similar. In the event that the individual is exceptionally friendly and glad (not really self-absorbed), they narrate what is significant in their lives. There is power in the fact that most media-hungry friends appear to give as much as they receive.  

During a quarantine (shelter in place) due to a pandemic, the media in my local community has been very helpful in keeping up with neighborhood issues and providing opportunities to stay in touch with friends, family, school, and work. 

APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media

The ability to be warned about public safety issues like fires and dangerous weather is one example of how media has had a significant impact on crisis management. Things that keep the public informed at the national level can be seen in the news, on television, and on the internet via a variety of devices, including the radio and phone. The lethal coronavirus, as well as politics and other global issues, have been the subject of increased international communication.  

Web-based entertainment has opened correspondence with others that might very well never had the chance to interface without such a stage or no sweat. For instance, getting in touch with high school, college, work, old friends, distant relatives, and other people, including social groups. Many of these platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, have made it possible for children who would not otherwise be able to interact with others to do so. 

Even though schools have had to conduct more education online in the past year, graduates can still participate in ceremonies and other virtual celebrations. Virtual doctor’s appointments, online support groups for addiction, and other issues are commonplace. Be that as it may, many individuals are imprudent with how they address themselves on a public stage because of an absence of friendly obligation.  APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media


The media and reactive human behavior have had a positive impact on society in many ways. One model is arranging occasions, fund-raising, and capacity to learn, work, and impart from home. 

  1.  There have been a few extraordinary instances of political developments that have been intensified through media, for example, the Donald Trump calamity of impelling social defiance and the totally different People of Color Matter (BLM) development that has prepared a minimized populace to a more significant level than at any other time.
  1. Raising Money: Power and Influence Telethons, social media, and personal outreach have significantly improved a cause’s marketing capabilities. 
  2. From home, you can study, work, and communicate.

People today have adapted to working from home, teaching and learning online, and remaining socially active—things that may have been deemed impossible in the past. APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media


It is not difficult to identify at least some of the most obvious red flags in response to the negative effects of the media.

  1. Falsehood (believability); Since you can’t always trust what you read, hear, or see in the media, it’s more important than ever to let the buyer beware of potential fraud, privacy breaches, and security breaches. This is a lesson that people who don’t expect to be manipulated or conned learn the hard way.
  2. Isolation and obsessive behaviors A lot of older people or those who live under quarantine are stuck at home and only have real social interactions online. It is realized that not much that is created in seclusion and fixation is valuable to the individual anguish. In fact, social media, television, and online dating apps can become dangerously misleading for people who are only motivated by one another.  
  3. Anxiety and dread Anxiety In the age of Facebook, Google, the iPhone, and FOMO (fear of missing out), the presence of power through technology in our lives has become omnipresent. The dominance of technology, which is changing so rapidly and has such a positive impact on the lives of many people, has a negative impact on others’ education, access, and affordability. There are examples of technological innovations that have not included the necessary advanced research on the user’s potential negative effects. APMT 440 Assignment 1 Personal Experience with Media


On a personal, professional, and societal level, there have been significant advances in what technology and innovation have accomplished and will accomplish for numerous social sectors. However, this cannot be accomplished without ethics, accountability, and transparency. Issues go a lot further than on a homegrown level as there are likewise public safety and hostile-to-trust issues generally because of a shift.


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